VIDEO: Argentina is experiencing a day of strike with canceled flights, closed banks and a crowd in Congress

01/24/2024 24 January 2024, Argentina, Buenos Aires: Members of the construction sector union UOCRA chant slogans against the labor reforms of President Javier Milei’s ultra-liberal government in front of Congress, as part of a general strike called by Trade unions . Photo: Cristina Sille/telam/dpa INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY Cristina Sille/telam/dpa

This Wednesday, January 24, Argentina is experiencing a day of national strike in which all the country’s unions participate, with a crowd that has gone from the main avenue of Buenos Aires to the doors of Congress to demand the stoppage of the debate on the decree of necessity and urgency (DNU) promoted by the Government to deregulate the economy and another series of measures included in the ‘Omnibus Law’ that seek “fiscal readjustment.” The unions hope that the call will be “the most massive” in history and reflect the popular rejection of the “adjustment and cutback” plans of the Milei Government. The main union organizations are supporting the strike, including the CGT, the CTA, the ATE and La Bancaria. Starting at noon, thousands of people participated in the central event of the day, in which the main union leaders participated. They have regretted the Government’s threats in recent days and its ultra-liberal policies, which in their opinion only worsen the dramatic economic situation in the country. On this day there have also been hundreds of flight cancellations. Aerolíneas Argentinas decided to cancel almost 300 flights and reschedule another 26. For its part, the airline JetSmart chose to cancel all its flights directly, leaving more than 5,000 passengers without transportation. Supermarkets have continued to operate normally, while banks have chosen to close their doors starting at 12:00 local time. La Bancaria, the main union in the banking sector, chose to join the strike called by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) of Argentina since last December. THE GOVERNMENT, QUIET Meanwhile, the Government breathes easy. The Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, has assured that the country’s president, Javier Milei, is calm, ensuring that a large part of Argentines have chosen to go to his workplace. For his part, the spokesman for the Executive, Manuel Adorni, has lamented that the strike represents “a loss of money” for Argentines. “To find a way of dialogue today with people who try to complicate the lives of the rest of the Argentines.” They are still a minority group,” he lamented. The Government has shown at all times its rejection of this call, which arrives in record time , as he has criticized. Specifically, he refers to the speed with which the Milei Executive has had to face its first national strike, less than two months after taking office. In this sense, it should be noted that the Confederation General Labor (CGT) did not call any strike during the last five years, which includes the entire time that President Alberto Fernández was in office, which has increased criticism of the current president. IMAGES AVAILABLE IN EUROPE PRESS TELEVISION DOWNLOAD URL : CONTACT PHONE 91 345 44 06

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