Zeus Tous breaks his silence and asks for support for Susana Bianca after her breakup

12/27/2023 Zeus Tous and Susana Bianca EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY

Three months after starting their relationship in ‘Big Brother VIP’ Zeus Tous and Susana Bianca have gone their separate ways. An unexpected breakup that Amor Romeira – a great friend of the curvy model – revealed this weekend on ‘Fiesta’, ensuring that it was Sara Montiel’s son who took the initiative to end her love story. The reason, according to the talk show host, was his fears and insecurities every time his girlfriend traveled alone for professional reasons, which would cause strong arguments between them and would have ended up ruining what they had. A decision by the artist that in principle would not be reversed and that would have left Susana completely destroyed, whose insecurities would have been increased after this love failure. Confirming that these are not easy times for her, the model shared on social media this Tuesday an image of the current appearance of her face, with strong eczema resulting from the stress and nerves she has had in recent days. Far from ‘sympathizing’ with Susana, Zeus’s ex soon after received numerous offensive comments, calling her a “bad person”, doubting her pain after the end of her relationship and even wishing her death. Insults that she did not hesitate to make public and that have caused a reaction in Sara Montiel’s son. The singer has broken his silence on Instagram and, although he recognizes that he does not “talk or write much about my private life,” he has been forced to step forward to defend the model from the attacks. “I am aware that since my relationship with Susana was conceived and formed in a reality show, it ended up being public opinion. Each of you are free to give your opinion since we are in a free country, but please, I only ask you with all my affection. of the world that those opinions are made with respect, respect for her, she deserves it” he assured. Confirming that “the decision to leave the relationship was mine,” Zeus has come out in defense of the model, making it clear that “she is and will be a great woman who gave me many good things and unforgettable moments” and that during their relationship “she only He cared about making me happy and that’s how it was. For this reason, he has asked his followers to treat Susana well and support her, leaving in the air what will happen between them in the future and hinting that their breakup would not be final: “Who knows what time will bring us… knowing more than any of you who will put things back where they belong…” “Thank you for your concern and your support,” he concluded, what are his first words after the end of their relationship.

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