“Even if you don’t see me as Spanish, I am”, the applauded lesson of a young woman to a TikTok user

Social networks They have become a safe, diverse space full of opportunities. There are many who take advantage of their profiles on different platforms to give visibility to other realities, to explain content related to their fields of study or simply stop share your day to day with other users.

However, although social networks can be a space for grow or develop In many ways, the truth is that they can also become a hostile place. Some users take advantage of the distance and anonymity that digital platforms provide to make hurtful comments against other people or to directly attack the integrity of others. In this context, Amanda Cheng, a content creator on the TikTok social network, is dedicated to sharing issues related to clothing, her daily life, and other more personal aspects. Thus, and although her publications are totally harmless, a user, by the name of Carmen, wrote “another one who wants Acer Española” in one of her videos. Given this, the young woman has taken the liberty of replicating it. The hit accumulates thousands of likes.

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Faced with the racist comment, the first thing that Amanda Cheng has done was to point out the first error in her position: “it is very ugly that it is taken for granted that a ‘foreign’ person, as you say, only wants to marry and have children with a Spaniard for the papers,” he stated. “All foreigners who are in Spain “We are not illegal.”, has added. Next, the tiktoker proceeded to show her Spanish ID. “Even if you don’t see me as Spanish, I am, this happens to many people,” she stated.

Finally, the young woman has ended the video by reproaching the user again. “It is very wrong that you assume that if a person is not Western they are not Spanish,” she concluded.

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Currently, video is close to reaching the 90,000 views. In addition, the tiktoker takes advantage of the caption to point out to the user their spelling errors “to do is with H 💋,” she writes.

The impact has been clear and many still spend a few seconds sending messages of support to Amanda Cheng. “So many languages ​​exist and you decided to speak the truth, just to be so direct, sincere and real, since many of us experience similar things due to our physical appearance,” wrote one user. “People judge without knowing, you have taught her a good lesson, you are more Spanish than her,” added another. : “You can say it louder but not more clearly,” another concluded.

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