Juanes was flirtatious and did not go with his wife: video revealed it

“Informed” AI surprises Juanes in a musical and technological dialogue – credit @Juanes/TikTok

Colombian singer Juanes continues to conquer hearts with his music. The artist, who in recent years has had moments where he has taken long breaks, in 2024 has been very active on his social networks, where he constantly uploads content to entertain his millions of followers.

The paisa had a very pleasant and intimate conversation with a woman, but not a real one. The interpreter of I pray to God and I am worthless without your love experienced a chat with artificial intelligence (AI).

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The first question that the winner of several Grammy Awards asked him among Anglos and Latinos was: “Who is Juanes?”, to which the female voice responded: “Juanes is a Colombian musician, famous for his mix of rock with music. Latin He has won several Grammy Awards and has sold more than 15,000,000 albums worldwide.”

Upon hearing the response given by the AI, the musician, with his gesticulation, approved what was said, to the point of acknowledging that she was very well informed.

But the interview did not stop there, the Medellin native continued asking her if she knew when she was going to be on tour again, to which she did not hesitate to reveal the data: “Juanes will be on tour in 2024 with his Vida Cotidiana WorldTour. The tour will begin on February 13 at Portland, Oregon and will end on March 30 in Hollywood, Florida”.

After already feeling confident with AI, The leader of the Mi Sangre Foundation wanted to have a courtesy act by inviting her to one of his shows abroad: “Do you want to go to one of those concerts?” But she was diplomatically able to remove the body: “Since I am artificial intelligence, I cannot attend events, such as concerts.” Juanes, amidst laughter, thanked him: “Ah, well, thank you very much, then.”

The AI’s skills were also measured by whether it knew the itinerary of the former Ekhymosis vocalist in coffee-growing lands for this year. And in Colombia do you know when he is going to play or not? She, without fear of making a mistake, met him with the answer and did not allow herself to be corked: “Juanes is going to perform concerts in Colombia as part of his Juanes Colombia Tour in 2024.”

The meeting between the husband of the model and presenter Karen Martínez and the technological advance of fashion It ended with him flirting directly with her, with the Colombian having such bad luck that she made it clear that it was just an artificial intelligence.

Juanes: “You are too intelligent, what if I fell in love with you?”

AI: “Thank you for the compliment, although I am just an artificial intelligence”

Juanes: “Well, bye, see you later, thank you.”

The Colombian star has a close and smiling encounter with an artificial intelligence, revealing his connection with new trends – credit @Juanes/TikTok

Juanes, on December 19, 2023, shared with Infobae Colombia his personal experience with mental health, highlighting that this topic, previously considered taboo, is now addressed more normally.

Archive photograph of Colombian singer Juanes. EFE/Julio Muñoz

He highlighted the change in social perception about seeking psychological help, emphasizing the importance of addressing mental health. He admitted that dealing with depression has been a difficult and prolonged process, even more so under the pressure of fame. She identified social networks as triggers of anxiety in artists due to the information overload they cause.

He stressed the relevance of discussing these moods with loved ones and promoting self-awareness and stated that accepting the presence of depression and anxiety as part of human existence is crucial, removing stigma and recognizing that it is just another aspect of life. Finally, Juanes expressed his desire to promote greater understanding and management of mental health among his audience and colleagues.

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