Marelbys Meza, former employee of Laura Sarabia, did an unusual practice in her second court testimony

Video of Marelbys Meza reading statement in judicial investigation revealed – credit Noticias Uno

A new chapter is being woven in the case of Marelbys Meza, a former employee of the current director of the Department of Social Prosperity (DPS), Laura Sarabia, after News One revealed that the former nanny read a statement on a sheet of paper that she gave to the Attorney General’s Office.

According to the national news, This is an unusual practice in court testimony. In the video you can see how he reads the paper he has as support, having as a guide so as not to get lost in the lines what would be his citizenship card, while speaking with the officials of the judicial body who are taking his testimony for the ongoing investigation.

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In the few seconds published, parts are heard in which the woman says: “You think she would have recommended me if I were a thief, you think she would have recommended me here. I told him no, I came, he went to work…, After the polygraph, they took me home, the secretary of the Chief of Staff, Laura Sarabia, took me…, In April, the lieutenant called me, he His name is Alfonso, his name is Alfonso, he summons me, he tells me that I already have a court-appointed lawyer.”

Marelbys Meza uses a written document in his statement to the Prosecutor’s Office – credit Noticias Uno

The first statement of the former service worker was one day after the robbery, that is, on January 30, 2023, while The second version, which is that of the images revealed by the weekend news, was on May 26, 2023, four months later.

Laura Sarabia’s lawyers would take advantage of the fact that comparing the two moments there would be contradictions, so they would have this as a defense to demonstrate that There is a possibility that Marelbys Meza could have lied.

In the same sense, Jorge Mario Gómez, who leads the defense of one of the closest women of the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, told News One that They asked the Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Francisco Barbosa, to carry out investigations under international laws that protect women victims of political violence.

In front of the Prosecutor’s Office bunker, Laura Sarabia denied the polygraph ordered for Marelbys Meza – credit captures social networks

Lawyer Iván Cancino, defender of Marelbys Meza, denounced abuse of authority during the polygraph of his client, who was the nanny of Laura Sarabia’s son. According to the legal professional, there is no evidence that Sarabia ordered a polygraph test to be carried out on Meza, but he did point out that there were “acts of harassment against Meza, which cannot be denied.”. These abusive actions would have been committed by members of the Police.

During the interrogation by the Attorney General’s Office, Sarabia and his lawyer, Jorge Mario Gómez, denied any involvement in the polygraph test, while The counterparty has questioned the legality of the procedure to which his client was subjected. Through her social networks, she criticized the methodology of the polygraph test and the conduct of the officers, arguing that the babysitter was “treated as an accused without her lawyer and with pressure from senior police officers.”

Cancino affirmed that what happened was not only illegal, but also a “clear abuse of power”, far from any legally adequate practice, and He asked that the country and Marelbys Meza be treated with respect. He extended his criticism to the national security argument that the authorities could make, questioning whether the lost money belonged to the State and whether Meza had any official position that justified the use of the polygraph.

Finally, he questioned the validity of the explanations offered by the authorities and maintained that the situation experienced by Meza represents a lack of respect, urging considerate treatment of his client.

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