Pedro Castillo | The Judiciary orders to lift the secrecy of the communications of 25 people involved in the Petroperú case

They lift the secrecy of telecommunications. (Photo: Composition)

He Power of attorney authorized this Thursday, January 25, to lift the secrecy of communications against at least 25 investigators in the Petroperú case, which involves the former president Pedro Castillowho is currently serving pretrial detention in the Barbadillo Prison.

According to the publication, the PJ’s disposition occurred within the framework of the investigation carried out by the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office for the alleged crime of criminal organization, for the irregular purchase of biodiesel in Petroperuduring the government of the former president.

Through your X account, the Power of attorney He pointed out that it was Judge Juan Carlos Checkley, of the Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation, declared the request of the Public Ministry against the former managers of Petroperú, Hugo Chávez, founded; Muslaim Abusada, Roger Liy, Gunther Documet; from businessman Samir Abudayeh, and others.

“The measure issued is for the purpose of viewing and extracting the messages and attachments from the emails, from September 2021 to March 2022, of those who participated in the fuel acquisition process,” the institution stated through of social networks.

The headquarters of Petróleos del Perú (Petroperú). REUTERS/Mariana Bazo/

It is worth mentioning that during the government of the former president Pedro Castillo, an irregular purchase of biodiesel would have been made; the same one that was denounced by a Sunday program. This purchase was made from the company Heaven Petroleum Operators for an amount of 84 million 304,215 dollars.

After the complaint against the former president and other officials of Petroperuthe company decided to cancel the contract.

According to the fiscal thesis, the former president would have led a criminal organization entrenched in the structure of the State (Petroperú, MTC and the Ministry of Housing), where the members would be part of levels, according to a pyramidal figure and that they intended to occupy said entities in order to control and direct the public bidding procedures.

“In this sense, the facts alleged by the Public ministry “They do fit within the typical description of the crime of Criminal Organization, including the aggravating circumstance charged for being the alleged leader of the organization,” Supreme Judge Juan Carlos Checkley said at the time.

Along these lines, the magistrate determined that for the commission of the crimes charged against Castillo (aggravated criminal organization, simple collusion and aggravated influence peddling), they do not require as an objective aspect that the author issue any order, as pointed out by the legal defense. of Castle, Eduardo Pachas.

Archive photograph of the former president of Peru, Pedro Castillo. EFE/ Paolo Aguilar

It should be remembered that the former president Pedro Castillo He is investigated for the crimes of criminal organization, simple collusion and influence peddling. He is currently serving a sentence of 26 months of preventive detention in the Barbadillo prison, for the Petroperú and Puente Talara III cases.

On the other hand, this Thursday, January 25, the Permanent Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court rejected the five appeals filed by former President Castillo’s lawyers, within the framework of the investigations against him for the crime of rebellion.

The appeals requested the College in charge of the case to review the period of preventive detention, in order to annul it or, in any case, reduce it; and the exception of inadmissibility of action, which sought to annul any action imposed against the former president by questioning the accusations of rebellion.

In this way, the lawyers of the Castillo Terrones They seek to specify that the Coup d’état message of December 7, 2022.

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