Qatar criticizes Netanyahu’s alleged leaked comments for his harshness on mediation with Hamas

11/18/2023 TEL AVIV, Nov. 19, 2023 — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a press conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Nov. 18, 2023. Currently there is no deal reached yet on the release of Israeli Hostages held in the Gaza Strip, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a press conference on Saturday night. POLITICS Europa Press/Contact/JINI

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, Majed al Ansari, has expressed his dismay at the “irresponsible” and “destructive” alleged comments by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he harshly criticized Qatar’s mediation in leaked audios. by the Israeli television channel Channel 12. “We are dismayed by the alleged statements attributed to the Israeli Prime Minister in various media outlets regarding Qatar’s mediating role. These comments, if confirmed, are irresponsible and destructive to efforts to save lives innocent, but they are not surprising,” Al Ansari has published on his account on the social network X, formerly Twitter. In that sense, he highlighted the “successful” mediation of the country, which achieved the release of hundreds of hostages kidnapped by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and which continues to speak with both the Palestinian militia and the Israeli authorities to gain entry. of more humanitarian aid and more liberations. “If the reported comments turn out to be true, the Israeli prime minister would only be obstructing and undermining the mediation process, for reasons that appear to serve his political career rather than prioritizing saving innocent lives, including Israeli hostages,” he added. the spokesperson. In addition, he has criticized alleged comments on relations between Qatar and the United States, as Netanyahu would have asked Washington for more pressure on Doha instead of renewing military base agreements. LEAKED COMMENTS “I think we have to speak to the heart of the international community to put pressure on those who can put pressure, (…) the main factor is Qatar. Now, when I talk about Qatar, you don’t hear me thank Qatar. Do you hear me thank Qatar? Have you noticed? I don’t thank Qatar. Why? Because for me, Qatar is not different in essence from the United Nations, it is not different in essence from the Red Cross,” Netanyahu would have declared, according to the leaked audios. . Furthermore, the Israeli prime minister would have spoken about Qatar’s influence on Hamas because “they finance them”, so he believes that putting pressure on the Qataris is a way of putting pressure on the Palestinian militia. On the other hand, Israel’s Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich, has criticized the Qatari spokesman’s statement and has accused the country of being responsible for the 1,200 deaths caused by Hamas, and has assured that Qatar will not be involved in the negotiations after war. “Qatar is a country that supports and finances terrorism. They are the patrons of Hamas and are largely responsible for Hamas’ massacre of Israeli citizens. The West’s attitude towards them is hypocritical and based on inappropriate economic interests. The West can and must exert much stronger influences on them and achieve the immediate release of the kidnapped people,” Smotrich reacted in his X account.

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