Soledad Solaro: “Carmen Barbieri is an extraordinary colleague”

Soledad Solaro in Pinamar

The model Soledad Solaro She defines herself as a restless woman and whenever she can she leaves her comfort zone, and for that she gets off the catwalk or stops posing for photographers. In dialogue with Teleshow He tells us about his experience of working with the actress and host Carmen Barbieri.

—Do you notice that you enjoy Carmen Barbieri on your cell phones? —Carmen, the truth is that it is extraordinary. First of all, she is a very hardworking woman, she is in all the details, she is involved in the production of the songs, she is always in a good mood and with good energy. She is very generous with her work team, she always has some encouraging words that stimulate your work. I knew her from The 8 steps and I always had excellent energy with her. You saw that in this environment beautiful connections are not always generated, but with Carmen the work environment is great, so I am blessed to be on the team. Very morning.

You are going through an intense summer…

—I like it and I need to work, but also, when I have fulfilled all my commitments for the day, I want to return to my grounding cable, which is my people, my belonging group, from years ago. Now I am living in the house of a couple who are friends of mine, enjoying with them, a little family too, then I go on the weekend to Buenos Aires.

Are you in a relationship?

—No, I’m very calm, I’m going to the beach, very relaxed, with many friends, everything is super calm. Also surrounded by teenagers who are children of the families I live with. A harmonious coexistence, really, taking advantage of every day at the beach here in Pinamar. They have been my best plans for a long time, which is why I hardly even go out at night. And for now, I don’t have a boyfriend.

Soledad Solaro (Instagram)

Let us remember that a few days ago, before the wedding of Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera, Soledad Solaro He came out to deny that he had had a relationship with the couple Nicoleand was forced to clarify “I shared with him some things that have to do with racing and motorsports things.” People think that I had a history with Manuel Urcera Far from that reality, I took some photos with him and maybe that’s why they think that. Just like I did with Urcera I also made them with Leonel Pernia, who is another pilot, clarified at the time. And he added bluntly: “They are putting my name in with a person I was not with, who is a co-worker of mine.” I was not even with manu nor with another motorsports driver. I did date someone, but he is no longer in motorsport. I am invited to the wedding Nicole and she very generous. She seems serious and dry, but she is loving, she is a very good colleague.

—Are you continuing with the racing work?

I continue with the coverage of Road Tourism, I have been doing it for approximately seven years, eight years, and it starts in a very few days, in February exactly. It makes me very happy, I love covering and interviewing every automotive event. I already know all of them and I am also grateful because they are very generous with me and always provide me with specific data and information.

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