The best songs to listen to on Spotify Uruguay anytime, anywhere

Founded in 2006, Spotify has a presence in more than a hundred countries where it seeks to position itself as the best platform for listening to music and podcasts. (Infobae)

Since the first records of human history, sound and music have always been present. Because it is a universal languagethis is capable of being understood and felt by anyone regardless of their language or culture.

Music has the ability to connect individuals with their emotionswhether it makes them feel happiness, nostalgia, sadness and a whole range of feelings through their wide styles or genres.

In the new millennium, platforms like Spotify have managed to take advantage of this and, through its extensive catalog of songs and artists, it has positioned itself in the taste of users, who also have the possibility of listen to your favorite music through apps and even without the need to have access to the internet.

However, given the great variety that Spotify has, it could be easy to get lost in a rapidly updating industry.

1. Una Foto Remix (w Nicki Nicole, Tiago PZK, Emilia)


Luck Ra

Reaping success is synonymous with Luck Ra. Therefore, it is not surprising that his new production, called “HOLA PERDIDA (w KHEA)”, debuted in second position on that occasion. Who else could boast of having 61,765 first-time views?

3. Young Miko: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 58 (w Young Miko)

4. Innocent (w Peipper)

Roze Official

Roze Official’s most recent single is already seen as a new classic. “Inocente (w Peipper)” today firmly enters the list of most listened to songs on this platform. streaming. Currently, it has 37,277 more views.

5. La Morocha (w BM)

6. ROZE | DJ TAO Turreo Sessions 22 (w Roze Official)

DJ Tao

«ROZE | DJ TAO Turreo Sessions 22 (w Roze Official)” by DJ Tao is selling like hot cakes. She already has 34,614 views, which makes her an important player in the ranking and holder of position 6.

7. Tanning


Marama’s newest, “Bronceado”, enters directly into seventh place on the favorites list. It has already been played 34,557 times. What will the future hold for you?

8. MOON (w ATL Jacob)

9. La_Original.mp3 (w TINI)


After accumulating 31,921 views, “La_Original.mp3 (w TINI)” by Emilia remains in ninth place.

10. LET ME MISS EVERYTHING (w Abel Pintos)

*Some data may not be available because the platform does not provide it.

In the music industry, Uruguay is one of the most difficult countries to conquer, but those who manage to do so are guaranteed the doors of success just as these artists have achieved.

Spotify has become one of the most competitive streaming platforms. (Spotify)

Spotify has become one of the most important streaming platforms that allows its more than 515 million users listen to music from more than seven million artists as well as various podcasts.

To be able to enjoy the services, just choose one of their plans with different benefits depending on the price, although it also allows users listen to music for freeHowever, in this mode there are commercials and it does not allow you to download the songs to play them offline.

To start a session in Spotify, just download the application on your cell phone or go to the website from your computer, then the user must register with their email address, phone number or a Facebook account.

Another point to consider is that you can only play content on one device at a timebut you can log in on multiple devices.


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