The “monster of Amstetten” will be transferred to a regular prison after spending 15 years in a psychiatric hospital

Archive image of the back of the house of the “monster of Amstetten”, the Austrian Josef Fritzl, where he kept his daughter Elisabeth kidnapped in the basement for 24 years. EFE/Georg Hochmuth

A Austrian court has decided today sending Josef Fritzl to a prison for common criminalssentenced in 2009 to life sentence for having locked his daughter in a basement and raped him for 24 yearsa sentence that he has served until now in a center for those sentenced with mental problems.

He “Amstetten monster”who turns 89 next April, locked up his own daughter in 1984, sexually assaulted her for years and had her seven childrenthat They were born in the basement of the family homewithout the rest of the family finding out.

The judicial decision, which will not be executed until it is final, means that he will continue serving his prison sentence, although his defense continues to request conditional release and considers this measure as a first step towards his release from prison.

That request for general parole, however, was rejected by the court today.

If the ruling is not appealed, Joseph Fritzwho according to the Austrian media changed his last name a long time ago to Mayrhoffwill spend the next ten years in a prison on the condition that he undergoes psychiatric therapy.

Defendant Josef Fritzl is pictured during proceedings on the final day of his trial at the Sankt Poelten court in the Austrian province of Lower Austria March 19, 2009. REUTERS/POOL/Robert Jaeger (AUSTRIA CONFLICT SOCIETY)/FILE

The decision for him to leave the psychiatric center has been based on an expert opinion that indicates that due to the dementia he suffers, the circumstances for his current conditions of confinement no longer exist.

The defense has also indicated that the court has indicated that the convicted person is no longer dangerous, the agency reports. APA.

Your lawyer, Astrid Wagnerhas assured that his client “He is absolutely full of regrets.”.

When Fritzl’s crime was discovered in 2008, it caused an international commotion and the aggressor father, then 73 years old, was sentenced to life imprisonment in a prison for criminals with psychiatric problems in Krems, 80 kilometers from Vienna.

(With information from EFE)

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