The mysterious voice in a Morena Beltrán video that fueled romance rumors with Blondel

The Mysterious Voice in Morena Beltrán’s Exit

One of the novels of the summer has nothing to do with the Argentine soccer transfer market. Lucas Blondelone of the Boca Juniors full-backs, would be maintaining a love relationship with the sports journalist Morena Beltran and in the last few hours a detail was leaked that further fuels the dating rumors.

The 24-year-old journalist shared a video in her stories instagram in which she is seen posing in front of the camera in a renowned restaurant located in the downtown area of ​​the City of Buenos Aires. “A video or photo is it?”Morena asked. “A video,” was the response of the person holding the cell phone. Internet users began to weave theories and many agree that the male voice on the other side of the screen would be Blondel.

In this Thursday’s program ESPN F90hours after this video went viral, the members joked about the night licenses that exist during the summer. “Not going on long, but having something until 2 in the morning is not bad. It’s vacation…”Beltrán commented, focusing more than anything on his outing to the renowned “Bresh” party during the last few days.

In another moment of the sports program, when talking about the departure of Valentín Barco to Brighton, which weakens the defensive flank of Diego Martínez’s team, mention was made of possible replacements (Blondel could change the profile and compete with Fabra) and again the cameras were pointed at Morena.

In the cycle of ESPN that drives Sebastian Vignolowas subtle comments related to the alleged romance: “For me it is the year of Blondel”, said the rapporteur on Wednesday, looking towards the sector where his companion was sitting. The former Tigre player fights for the position with the Peruvian and Marcelo Weigandt. The camera took the image of the young journalist, who remained in the foreground on the monitors, smiling and raising her right hand towards her face. “Why are they striking me out?”she asked, blushing.

A new comment that surprised Morena Beltrán

The dating rumors began to come to light when Some photos of Beltrán and Blondel together on a beach, apparently located in Punta del Este, went viral.. Both tried to confuse the curious by simultaneously sharing other images in different tourist destinations. The journalist indicated that he was in Ibiza while the 27-year-old soccer player did the same, but mentioning that his summer resort was in Las Toninas. Even in a recent interview, the former Tigre defender revealed that he liked to vacation on the beach and mentioned the seaside resort city on the Buenos Aires coast with a knowing smile.

Quickly A video also began to circulate from more than a year ago when the Tigre full-back and the journalist shared a soccer tennis game. in a program ESPN. But by then, Beltrán He was in a relationship with the defender Tomás Mantia who was active in Flandria from the First National and from which it separated months ago.

While the versions about the link between Blondel and Beltrán grow, both follow each other on their social media accounts. instagram and they even detected that the journalist “liked” a recent post by the soccer player. Neither The detail went unnoticed that among the almost 5 thousand followers he has on instagram the athlete’s sister, Chloe, Morena Beltrán appears.

On January 18, Morena uploaded another mysterious photo that revived the rumors. In a carousel of images, the sports analyst shared an image of what would be a man’s back, in which they wrote the legend with sunscreen “More I love you” and a heart. The photo in question shows skin smeared with cream, which has sparked speculation about the possible relationship between the journalist and the player. The evidence that it would be Blondel has to do with a tattoo on his back, the same one that Boca’s side has printed on.

Lucas Blondel’s unique response amid rumors of a romance with Morena Beltrán

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