The Prosecutor’s Office maintains the request for 14 years and 8 months in prison for Amorebieta’s attack and the family requests 30

01/15/2024 Those accused of beating a young man in Amorebieta during trial at the Vizcaya Provincial Court, on January 15, 2024, in Bilbao, Vizcaya, Basque Country (Spain). The seven men accused of attacking a young man in the early hours of July 15, 2021 in Amorebieta, testify today in the Provincial Court, after leaving the victim in a vegetative state. The Prosecutor’s Office requests 14 years and eight months in prison for each of them for the crime of attempted murder, while the family demands permanent, reviewable prison. POLITICS H.Bilbao – Europa Press

The Prosecutor’s Office maintains its request for 14 years and eight months in prison for the crime of attempted murder for the seven adult males accused of attacking a young man in the early morning of July 25, 2021 in Amorebieta, while The prosecution representing the family requests 30 years in prison. The First Section of the Provincial Court of Bizkaia began last week to try these seven accused of the attack that left young Alex in a vegetative state. Prior to this process, six minors were tried by a juvenile court in Bilbao and in June they saw sentences of between three and five years of closed confinement confirmed by the Biscayan Court. The trial of the seven adult defendants held its seventh and final session this Thursday, with the presentation of conclusions and reports by the prosecution and defense, after what has been seen for sentencing. The Prosecutor’s Office has maintained its request for each of the accused to receive 14 years and eight months in prison for the crime of attempted murder. It considers it proven that “they carried out an action that involved the destruction of a human life, a death that was not consummated by the medical assistance provided” and that there is a “causal relationship” with “the set of all the attacks” suffered by the victim. After reviewing what happened in the 50-second video of the attack that was broadcast and the presence in the images of each of the defendants, the prosecutor has defended the “co-authorship” in the events since, as indicated, “they were all present at the attack and remained at the scene with the idea of ​​ending Alex’s life. The representative of the Prosecutor’s Office considers it proven that there was “intention to kill” the victim, taking into account “the entity and intensity” of the blows directed mainly to the head, “the conditions of time and space” since, as indicated , was attacked when the friend he was with left him alone, as well as the words heard in the video about ‘killing him’ or the fact that they “abandoned him in the fields” after the beating. Furthermore, she has defended that there is treachery in the facts because the possibility of defense was “absolutely eliminated” for the young man, who was surrounded by between 15 and 20 people. The prosecutor has also alluded to the “zero repentance” of the accused. For its part, the prosecution representing the family has proposed permanent, reviewable prison applied at its lowest level, with a sentence of 30 years, understanding that, in addition, there is membership of a criminal group on the part of the defendants. The lawyer has highlighted that in the judicial process we have seen the “fear” of the witnesses who were also attacked that night, the “lie” in the story of the defendants and the “extreme loyalty” shown by the minors convicted by the case “in order to defend the group.” In his opinion, “it cannot be argued that the actors did not expect that end if they all attacked a person at the same time with bottles, with sticks” in “vital” points of the body, and “all of them make up the aggression” of 50 seconds. “They have the ability to stop earlier and continue, even when the victim is on the ground,” she stressed, insisting that “responsibility cannot be distributed in installments.” The private prosecution sees in the facts “a textbook treachery”, since there are “12 people against only one at the same time”, with “lethal” blows and knocking her down “up to three times” to “again annul the defense” and close his escape “with the circle.” She considers that the co-authorship “is clear” and it is not “just an attempted murder” because the events were committed by “someone who belongs to a criminal group”, alluding to the so-called ‘Koala Brothers’. According to what she has indicated, the accused “together arranged the commission of several crimes, using the group, the number, to commit them” that same night. “The only permanent and non-reviewable sentence, to a living death, is the final sentence that the defendants handed down against Alex,” she lamented. Likewise, an insurer is appearing in the case as an accusation and has requested that the defendants be civilly sentenced to a joint payment of 841,918 euros, an amount that, as explained by his lawyer, corresponds to the fact that the civil liability of one of the minors convicted of the attack in the previous trial was assumed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and that the insurance company paid the victim and his family. FORGIVENESS Regarding the defense of the accused, five of them have requested the free acquittal of their clients because they were “on the sidelines” of the attack or “far removed” from the events. One of them has also assured that his client was an “active bystander” who tried to do “everything possible to stop” what was happening, while another has maintained that his client had no “intention to attack”, but to “prevent aggression.” The lawyer of a sixth defendant has indicated that his client, who is seen in the video with “an unidentified target” and hitting “on two occasions”, has acknowledged that “he was there and that attack and it will be the courtroom that must “assess what penal support it should entail”. In any case, he has stressed that “the brutality” of the initial attacks on minors already convicted cannot be compared to that which happens later. The defender of the last accused has stated that he was in “an initial brawl between five or six”, which is why he describes the events as injuries, but he left when the victim fell to the ground and the bulk of the attack occurred because “he doesn’t think what is happening is normal.” The defense has rejected the prosecution’s request for belonging to a criminal group. “Is someone a criminal group for having a WhatsApp group and calling themselves ‘daddy’, ‘bro’ or ‘friend’?” questioned one of the lawyers, who criticized that “they try to make it look like there is a criminal group.” “only because some friends are left and there are a few bullets that always end in an altercation”. The defenses have rejected that there was any treachery, even though there was “a situation of superiority.” One of the lawyers has also warned that, although he understands that the request for permanent, reviewable prison by the prosecution seeks an “exemplary sentence”, however “the sentences have to be fair, they do not have to be exemplary.” For two of the accused, mitigating circumstances have been requested for the consumption of alcohol or drugs, in both, and for limited mental capacity, for one of them. After the presentation of the reports, the court has given the accused the opportunity to exercise their right to the last word, which five of them have used to apologize to the victim’s family and the young man himself, while the other two They have refused to intervene in the session. Among the words that have been heard, the accused have expressed their regret for what happened, they have apologized to the family “for not having stopped what happened” and they have wished Alex that “he can move forward.” “I never had the intention, as they say, of killing him. I would never ever think about it. Even if he was drunk or whatever, I’m not such a bad person to do something like that,” said one of them. Another of the accused, after showing himself “very sorry for everything that has happened”, pointed out that he imagines “the pain that parents suffer when something happens to their children.” Both the prosecutor and the private prosecution have requested that the defendants be kept in provisional detention until the judicial resolution is issued.

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