The PSOE and its partners reject the PP’s request that Sánchez explain his pacts with Junts in Congress

01/24/2024 Meeting of the Permanent Deputation of Congress POLITICS CONGRESS

The PSOE and its allies from Sumar, ERC, Junts, Bildu, PNV and BNG have rejected this Wednesday in the Permanent Deputation of Congress the request of the PP for President Pedro Sánchez to appear in plenary session and explain his pacts with Junts to save the Government law decrees. The deputy spokesperson of the PP, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has tried to convince the independentistas to support her request for an appearance, warning them that Sánchez is “a master of the ball” who cannot be trusted. “I will tell you clearly, even with a point of crudeness: your unconstitutional, anti-European and corrupt amnesty law has no future. Lose all hope,” he stressed. “You can pass a law that says that (Carles) “Puigdemont is Napoleon and Sánchez is the new Aristotle, but that does not mean they will stop being what they are, a fugitive from justice and an unscrupulous loser.” In her opinion, “the truth is reality, and the reality is that in Spain there is something above Sánchez and even any parliamentary majority: the Spanish Constitution and European Law.” VOX CRITICIZES THE PP: YOU CANNOT GIVE PHOTOS TO THE GOVERNMENT The appearance has been supported by Vox, whose spokesperson, Pepa Rodríguez de Millán, considers that Sánchez will use “all possible tricks to stay in power”, but at the same time has accused to the PP to “whitewash” the Government by agreeing on the constitutional reform of article 49: “You cannot give them any photograph of false consensus, because it was just what they wanted – he denounced -. You have given them that image that they were looking for “. But the PSOE rejects these demands for explanations, alleging that “the PP’s policy is based on criticizing and confronting” and that “it continues to use Catalonia as a weapon of political confrontation”: “Because for you, in order to go against this Government, “Everything goes. Even turning your back on the Spanish,” said the coordinator of the PSC deputies and senators, José Zaragoza. For the Sumar parliamentary group, its general secretary, Txema Guijarro, has said that the PP seems to be in a “permanent strategy of attrition” and believes that “it has hit a soft area of ​​the Government” with the amnesty, but in his opinion “the issue is not enough nonsense” and does not justify an extraordinary appearance by the president. Teresa Jordà, from ERC, has encouraged the PP to assume that “the Catalan independence movement is a civic and peaceful movement” and to “stop the lies about violence in Catalonia and the crude and pathetic attempts to link the independence movement and terrorism “. “They make fools of themselves – she maintains – her. Their faces should fall with shame.” THEY DRAG THE DEBATE THROUGH THE MUD Similarly, Idoia Sagastizabal, from PNV, considers that the issues raised by the PP are “issues already debated” and “appearances that are repeated like Groundhog Day.” “They only talk about their political merchandise and with a short-term perspective,” she laments. Bildu spokesperson, Mertxe Aizpurua, refuses to support the requests for appearances, alleging that they will not “give the opportunity” to the PP to “continue dragging the political debate through the mud.” Finally, the BNG deputy and representative of the Mixed Group in the absence of Podemos, Néstor Rego, has advanced his vote against all appearances because in his opinion they only respond to “the strategy of the PP in its usual angry politics.” . The PP also wanted the Minister of the Presidency and Justice, Félix Bolaños, to be summoned to report on different aspects of the pacts with Junts; of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska; and from Economy, Carlos Body. Specifically, the majority party requested the presence of Bolaños to respond to the agreement to suppress article 43bis of the Civil Procedure Law which, according to Carles Puigdemont’s party, endangers the amnesty. Likewise, they demanded an extraordinary appearance by the Body in the Economy Commission to detail what the reform of the capital companies law will consist of, which, according to Junts, the Government has promised to facilitate the return to Catalonia of the companies that left. for the ‘process’. RETURN OF MINORS TO MOROCCO AND ETA PRISONERS The ‘popular’ claim that Marlaska urgently go to Congress to report on the Executive’s plans to transfer immigration powers to Catalonia has not gone forward either, because while Junts announced an agreement For the “comprehensive delegation” of the same from the Government, only those related to the organization and integration of migrants are limited. In the same petition, the PP demanded that the Minister of the Interior give an account of the ruling handed down by the Supreme Court that considers illegal the repatriation of minors carried out from Ceuta to Morocco in August 2021. In addition, the PSOE and its partners have shot down another request of those of Alberto Núñez Feijóo aimed at asking Marlaska for explanations for the “negotiations” of his ministry with Bildu on “the situation of the prisoners of the terrorist group ETA” in Spanish prisons.

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