What are collagen biostimulators and what are their risks and benefits?

Collagen provides elasticity to the skin (Special)

Collagen seems to be one of the most valued natural compounds in the body because it is one of the best allies of our skin and is responsible for its look firm and brightwhich is a sign of youth.

It is for this reason that, after the age of 25, the average age at which its production begins to decrease, the body may need help to generate this protein, with the aim of preventing the appearance of signs of aging.

In this sense, in addition to using food as an ally, through the consumption of foods that promote their production and correct absorption, such as beef or chicken proteins, as well as fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, there are currently various aesthetic alternatives that seek to promote their production.

One of these alternatives are collagen biostimulators, which are beginning to gain popularity as auxiliaries in the prevention of aging. Here we tell you about them and how safe and effective they are.

Collagen helps prevent aging (Illustrative image Infobae)

As its name indicates, the collagen biostimulators They are substances that are used in aesthetic procedures that They promote the production of natural collagen in the skin, because they are compounds that the body uses naturally to generate protein.

Some of the main biostimulators used for these procedures are the following, their trade names in parentheses:

-Calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse)

-Hyaluronic acid (Restylane)

-Polycaprolactone (Sculptra)

-Collagen biostimulating peptides

As with other aesthetic procedures, these substances are injected into some layers of the skin where they are expected to act, giving results that can last between 6 months and a yearaccording to the biostimulator used and the particular conditions of the patients.

In this sense, it should be noted that the choice of collagen biostimulators will largely depend on the individual needs of the patient, the area to be treated and the duration of the desired results.

These substances must be injected into specific layers of the skin. Illustrative image Infobae)

Natural collagen stimulation: Because these substances promote the natural production of collagen in the skin, the results will look natural unlike when using other procedures such as dermal fillers.

Gradual results: Unlike other treatments where the results are usually immediate and can look unnatural, the changes caused by biostimulators are usually gradual because they depend on the body’s natural production time. If you are looking for something immediate, it may not be the best option, although the results can be more lasting over time.

Duration of results: As we mentioned, the results can be longer lasting because these substances promote the natural production of collagen. In this sense, the results can last between 6 months and up to a year.

The time will depend on the degree of skin damage and the age of the person, since the older the person, the more sessions they may require to ensure that their body begins to produce collagen more regularly. When this occurs, the sessions can be spaced every year.

Less risk of allergic reactions: Because these are natural substances, they tend to generate fewer reactions than synthetic substances.

Biostimulators promise to provide a youthful appearance to the skin (Illustrative Image Infobae)

What are the risks of using biostimulators?

Although it is common the presence of redness and swelling in the application areaDue to the use of needles, this is usually a short-lasting reaction that disappears shortly after application.

On the other hand, the truth is that studies have reported that its use is less risky and with fewer side effects than fillers, because they are natural and not synthetic substances; However, the truth is that every procedure involves certain risks.

In the case of biostimulators, the main side effects are usually associated with skin reactionswhich, although they are usually rare, can occur.

The most common complications are abscess, cellulitis, non-inflammatory nodules and granulomas and, the less frequent, infection, vascular injury, according to the Mexican Association of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Skin reactions are usually the most common complications (Spanish Journal of Dermatology)

Edema, ecchymoses and nodules may also occur, some of which disappear in a matter of days while others may require dermatological treatment.

Because of this, it is important to make sure you go to a professional to avoid any complications.

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