What is the tourist destination in Mexico considered one of the 10 best in the world?

In this place you can enjoy countless natural spectacles (Special)

Without a doubt, we Mexicans are lucky to be in a country that is positioned in several rankigs as one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

This is largely due to the fact that its geographical location means that it has great natural beauty and many different ecosystems, since here it is possible to find everything from deserts to mountains and beautiful beaches.

In this sense, thanks to its great attractiveness, Mexico is always in competition with some of the best vacation destinations in the world, where it always gets a good place, as happened with the evaluation prepared by The Walt Street Journal.

And this publication developed and prepared a ranking of which were the best destinations in the world to visit in 2024a list where a tourist place in our country managed to be placed among one of the 10 best, which is a source of pride.

Mexico has a wide variety of destinations with all climates and ecosystems (Special)

So that you can add it to your must-see list, we tell you that this place is about nothing more and nothing less than the state of Quintana Roo.

According to the publication, the reason for this evaluation to include the state as one of the best in the world is that Quintana Roo combines various aspects that can provide the traveler with a comprehensive experience, both in relation to the quality of its natural attractions, as well as its nightlife, recreational activities, as well as its hotel and gastronomic offer.

And although many associate Quintana Roo with its most tourist destinations such as Cancun or Playa de CarmenThe truth is that it has a number of other destinations, among which are places like Bacalar, Akumal, Holbox, among others.

Quintana Roo, Mexico seen from the sky (Twitter via Miguel Torruco Marqués)

Furthermore, although the Riviera Maya is considered expensive, the truth is that this state has destinations for all budgets, beyond Cancun.

According to the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council, The state has “mythical cenotes, wonderful underground rivers, impressive archaeological sites and Mayan communities worth exploring.”

In this sense, here we leave you some lesser-known destinations in Quintana Roo that you cannot miss.


Although this destination is known, the truth is that it is a must-see in Quintana Roo because it is a unique ecosystem in the world and the beauty of the lagoon is something you should see at least once in your life.

Remember to avoid motorboat rides to take care of the lagoon, swimming in it will be enough to live the experience.


It is a natural white sand resort that has a coral reef and warm waters. In this place you can witness impressive marine fauna, among which is a large population of turtles.

Turtle swimming on the beaches of Akumal Mexico (Google Maps)

-Puerto Morelos

This destination is also a little less visited than Cancun, but it has impressive landscapes and beaches where you can enjoy different tourist activities.


It is a beach near Bacalar that is home to the largest coral atoll in Mexico. Despite being little known, it is a place full of marine life that you cannot miss if you love water excursions, in addition to being much more accessible than the beaches of Cancun.

Again remember to try to do the greener tourism as possible while respecting the flora and fauna.

If you want to know which are the other destinations that were best evaluated, here is the complete list:

  • Malaysia
  • Lamu, Kenya
  • Kangaroo Island, Australia
  • Kyushu, Japan
  • Kansas City, United States
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area, Minnesota
  • Balearic Islands, Spain
  • Quintana Roo, Mexico

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