After confronting the police, they arrested a fugitive who flaunted his thefts on social networks: “A thief is born, he is not made.”

Tobías Leonardo Monzón was arrested on the outskirts of the Buenos Aires capital

After a violent confrontation with the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires A criminal was arrested who has an extensive criminal record in the city of The Silver. The young man, 20 years old, flaunted his thefts on social networks, where he also showed off his weapons and claimed to be ready to “take a shot with the gun.”

Is about Tobias Leonardo Monzón, who had been wanted for months for the series of crimes committed in the capital of Buenos Aires. According to the police report, this Thursday an undercover operation was carried out on the outskirts of La Plata in an area that the officers knew Monzón would be roaming around. In fact, he was identified as leaving a home located at 137 Street No. 468 on a motorcycle.

Tobías Leonardo Monzón, 20 years old

When trying to intercept him, the criminal discarded the vehicle and fled into the house, extracting a firearm from his clothing. In this way he began to shoot at the police personnel from the 9th Police Station who had approached the place. Unleashed the confrontation with the policethe 20-year-old young man began to jump over party walls to try to hide and evade the officers.

In this framework, a bolt operation to be able to apprehend Monzón, who finally He was arrested on street 528 between 139 and 140. The offender had a gunshot wound with entry and exit in the right heel and grazes in the left heel, nothing serious. However, police and third parties were unharmed.

The Thunder Bersa 9 millimeter pistol with which the criminal confronted the police

When searching the area, the firearm that was used by the criminal was found on the party wall of the adjacent house: a pistol. Bersa Thunder 9 millimeters which was seized as well as four used pods and the motorcycle Honda Tornado in which Monzón moved. The 20-year-old young man has at least 13 cases of aggravated robbery – all in the city of La Plata. This Thursday’s was labeled “Detention – robbery – possession and carrying of a weapon of war – attack and resistance to authority”.

UFI No. 8 intervenes in the investigation. The prosecutor in charge scheduled the first hearing for this Friday.

“A thief is born,” Monzón posted on his networks

Police sources highlighted Infobae that the criminal had been wanted for months. Through recklessness or impunity, Tobías Monzón showed and flaunted his life as a criminal on his networks. He even showed off his weapons and claimed to be ready to confront the police.

In one of the stories he uploaded to his Instagram account, Monzón showed two pistols “daringly daring to grab me with the yuta (sic).”

In another publication, together with another young man with similar characteristics, Monzó wrote: “A thief is born, not made.”

Monzón’s threats on his Instagram account

In a photo, Monzón is seen along with five other young people who, from the text he added to the publication, are presumed to be also criminals. There, he stated that “It is part of the job that you have to lose”, in relation to a pair who had apparently been arrested. Monzón promises to take care of his son and at the same time celebrates the robberies carried out in the city: “We turned to La Plata.”

Monzón bragged about his robberies in La Plata through his social networks

Tobías Leonardo Monzón is the brother of Uriel “El Rudo” Monzóna young man who had a tumbero wake, which included gunshots and graffiti inside a cemetery, after taking his own life weeks ago.

After a lock operation, Monzón fell on the outskirts of La Plata

On January 11, the Buenos Aires police received a complaint that at the intersection of streets 122 and 35, in the provincial capitall, a large group of people They were firing shots into the air “as a tribute” to the deceased.

Upon noticing the presence of the uniformed men, some They decided to flee on three motorcycles -which were later confirmed to have been stolen-, so members of the Ensenada Motorized Police and other vehicles began a chase. It did not last long, since when reaching 126 the vehicle of one of the criminals lost its balance and fell. Two minors, ages 16 and 17, were on board. One of them suffered a fractured tibia and a cut on his right foot, while the other remains with abrasions. As reported to Infobae, they were transferred to the Gutiérrez Hospital as detainees.

Four served pods were seized

Shortly after, at 6 and 528, in Tolosa, the occupant of another of the motorcycles, another minor, 15 years old, was arrested. The third vehicle was found burned at 122 and 35 bis, but its occupants managed to escape.

But the lack of control did not end with these arrests, because the remaining column of young people continued saying goodbye to their friend, and on their way they left no wall, bus stop or unpainted car, including the facade and interior of the Ensenada Cemeteryfinal destination of the body of “El Rudo”.

The Honda Tornado motorcycle on which the criminal was traveling

“Rudo The police, once the funeral was over, arrested 13 other funeral participants, of which two were minors. They still had five cans of spray paint in their possession.

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