Alcaraz looks like Hercules: more than 6,600 points to defend until Wimbledon

Alcaraz reacts in the Australian quarterfinals (REUTERS/Issei Kato)

Carlos Alcaraz I had absolutely nothing to lose in this Australian Open. He was in charge of verbalizing it after being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the first Grand Slam of the course. “I am leaving the tournament happy, forgetting about today, but in general I think it has been a good tournament, with great games. Making quarters in a Slam is not bad. It’s not what I was looking for, but it’s a good round”, he admitted. Having missed the 2023 edition due to injury, Any gain, 400 points in his case, was going to be well received. It is from now on that the curves begin for the number two in the world. The challenge that is presented to him is worthy of the statement he made right after the end of last season: “I want to win all the tournaments I am going to play.”

The truth is that this desire is practically what forces him to fulfill the ATP circuit in the first part of 2024. Do you remember Hercules and his 12 labors? It is more or less, transferred to tennis, what Alcaraz must do between now and July. If they want their privileged position in the standings not to suffer, they need to reach a level similar to what they showed in the first seven months of last year. So, he barely missed the decisive days of each and every one of the events he competed in.

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During the South American clay court tour, Alcaraz became champion in Buenos Aires and was a finalist in River. There he obtained 250 and 300 points, respectively. Next, the American hard court was also particularly good for him. First, he was champion in Indian Wells, so he added a score of 1,000 to his locker. Later, he reached the semi-finals in Miamiearning 360 points.

Alcaraz tries to reach the ball in Australia (REUTERS/Edgar Su)

Already on clay, Alcaraz lifted the title in Barcelona500 points, and Madrid, 1,000. He stayed in the third round in Rome, where the loot reflected 45 units. In Roland Garros, was a semi-finalist, adding 720 points to his tally. When she moved onto the grass, her performance was unbeatable: the trophy in both Queen’s like in Wimbledon It was his, so he added 500 and 2,000 points, in each case, to the sum. In total, we have 6,675 points to protect by the Spanish. And, why not say it, they demand a Numantine defense.

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Since the conquest of the second major of his career, Alcaraz did not leave numbers so close to perfection. Again in the United States and hard, he made the quarterfinals in Toronto (180 points), the final in Cincinnati (600) and the semifinals at the US Open (720). In Asia, he was in the semifinals in Beijing (180) and in the round of 16 in Shanghai (90). He closed the calendar with a second round in Paris-Bercy (10) and a semifinal at the ATP Finals (400). Which makes a more affordable total of 2,180 points.

The world number one in tennis, Carlos Alcaraz, has three brothers. Two of them are also involved in the world of tennis

But these last revenues remain in the pipeline until August. It is the most immediate present that allows Alcaraz the least doubts if he wants to continue well up in the racket sport. He will need the most outstanding version of him to not lose momentum and stay in the top positions of the tour. He is ready for the challenge. What it achieved from February to June 2022 it equaled or improved in the same section of 2023. Why not trust today?

Alcaraz celebrates a point against Zverev (REUTERS/Edgar Su)

The truth is Novak Djokovic aims to stay at the top for a while. AND It could happen that Daniil Medvedev, third in the ranking Today, it surpasses Alcaraz, in the event that this Australian Open is signed up. Nobody said that staying on Olympus would be easy. In search of continuing to increase his legacy, admirable at only 20 years old, there is no choice but to give everything, aspire to the same and put on, in short, the Herculean suit. Wanting to be “the best in history”, Carlitos’ highest ambition, requires it.

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