Alfonso Guerra questions the amnesty: “It is unprecedented that the criminals themselves draft it”

The former vice president of the Government in the cabinets of Felipe González, Alfonso Guerra (Carlos Castro/Europa Press)

The historic socialist Alfonso Guerra, vice president of the Government during the Felipe González era, defended this Friday the spirit of harmony of the Transition which led to the drafting of a “strong” Constitution and has described as “disturbing” the current “path” of Spanish politics and the concessions against the Catalan independence movement, of which he has said that, beyond the relevance of a Law of Amnesty, what is “unprecedented” is that such a rule “is written by the criminals themselves.”

Guerra has participated in a colloquium organized by the Sargadelos Foundation in Ribadeo, where, before an auditorium full of people, he has said that it is supporter of introducing changes in the current Constitution, as long as it is respecting the text and spirit of the Transition. “If the changes are made with the idea of ​​destroying the text, as some want, then I am not a supporter,” said Alfonso Guerra, for whom the “environment that exists today in the Spanish Parliament” does not allow “thinking about a big change.” ” constitutional.

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Regarding current national politics, Guerra has assured that the Amnesty Law “is not the legal issue that worries him the most,” but rather justice itself. “I am more concerned about whether they deserve it, if it is fair, those who say every day that they are going to repeat it, those who carried out a coup d’état, a sedition, a rebellion,” he said. “And, above all, the fact that the criminals themselves wrote it, that is unprecedented,” he added.

For Alfonso Guerra, the quality of Spanish democracy “has descended several steps” to a level at which “arguments are replaced by slogans”, and has encouraged PP and PSOE to ask themselves why “it is easier for them” to agree “with extremists” than with each other. “It is necessary to show the validity of the spirit of consensus of the Transition,” he added.

During his speech, Alfonso Guerra recalled that attitudes contrary to the Constitution in Spain “are not new”, but “the at least lukewarm reaction of some politicians, some authorities and some opinion leaders in the media” towards to them. The historical socialist has recalled that the Magna Carta had to face a coup d’état only three years after its approval, as well as the “attacks of terrorism”. “The latest attack against the Constitution has been perpetrated by pro-independence nationalism in Catalonia,” he detailed.

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However, it has drawn attention to the fact that, while the reaction against the Tejero coup plotters or against terrorism “was always one of unanimous rejection” at a social level, the “violent breakdown of the constitutional order” caused by the independence movement has “a barely constitutional response, lacking the demands of democratic principles.”

For Alfonso Guerra, whose “conviction” is that “some want to overthrow” the Constitution, this fact “could lead to the disappearance of the State and in the return to historical Cainism.” For this reason, he has attacked the politicians who “intend to govern Spain but cannot use his name” and against a system in which the parties “have to win over the enemy bloc” and has recalled that “if the law does not protect” a position, this “is not valid, even if it is a majority.” “Only a totalitarian mentality can maintain that what the majority establishes prevails over the law,” he summarized.

The socialist has called “disturbing” the “path that politics is taking in Spain”, governed “by a ministerial team excited by the changes”, and has said that the “disappointment that many have had” regarding the pacts with Bildu and “the permanent transfer to those convicted of embezzlement and sedition” has generated “immense discomfort in those who live progressivism, the left and socialism.” “The socialism that I believe in,” she added.

*Information from Europa Press

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