Children of Diomedes Díaz created a foundation: what is its purpose

Diomedes Díaz’s children came together to launch a foundation in their father’s name. Credit: Jesús Rueda / El Heraldo

Last Wednesday night it was inaugurated in Barranquilla the ‘Diomedes Díaz El Cacique de La Junta’ foundation, a social project headed by the children of the late vallenato singer with which they seek to continue their father’s musical and social legacy, helping low-income children who begin their steps in vallenato.

At the event they were Rosa Elvira, first-born daughter of Diomedes, and her brothers Elder Dayán, Rafael de Jesús, Diomedes de Jesús, Luis Ángel, Diomedes Dionisio, among others, who performed their father’s hits along with guest artists such as Orlando Liñan, Donny Caballero and Luisfer Cuello.

Diomedes Dionisio and Diomedes Díaz

“All your children are stuck here, there are no spaces for differenceswe are absolutely all upholding his legacy and we do it close to such a significant date for the ‘diomedistas’ (May 26, birthday of the ‘Cacique’) and with a social project that we now put at the service of the community,” stated Rosa Elvira Díaz.

The eldest of the days dynasty added that, together with her brothers, she hopes for the support of private companies, because they are looking for many people to join the foundation. to fulfill the dreams of Colombians who do not have economic resources. “Now more than ever the name of Diomedes Díaz is used to help, just as he did in life,” he pointed out.

Betsy Liliana Díaz was one of Diomedes’ darlings and is currently the director of the foundation that bears her father’s name. During the launch, she explained that although it is a relatively young project, there are many people and companies that join in social work.

The director of the foundation announced that the help they will provide It will not only be for people interested in music, but for all social fronts. “We want to give back to Colombia all the love they gave to my dad. We want to help homeless people, to mothers who are heads of household “They do not have resources to offer education to their children,” he clarified.

The activities of the Diomedes Díaz foundation began last year, when they delivery of gifts in December to hundreds of children in vulnerable neighborhoods of Barranquilla, where they arrived with platforms and the music of ‘Cacique de La Junta’ to give them a different Christmas.

For his part, Elder Dayán Díaz, the family artist with the best present, said that the ‘Diomedes Días El Cacique de La Junta’ foundation It is non-profit and its sole objective is to help improve society providing opportunities to those most in need.

“We joined forces and here we are presenting this foundation dedicated to my father and with which we are going to work hard for the new generations of musicians, singers, guacharaqueros, cashiers, accordion players, timbaleros, Here everyone will have an open door and we will dedicate ourselves to managing resources to help them,” he declared to The Herald the vallenato interpreter.

Elder Dayán, son of Diomedes, follows in his father’s footsteps in music and social work.

Along the same lines, Kelly Elvira Díaz, director of social projects at the foundation, stated: “We have great talent in the family.we will do cultural activities with them where they will obviously sing and we will look for resources to help especially the children of Colombia.”

The Diomedes Díaz foundation has already begun to add allies and got 2,500 scholarships with the Trébol Foundation so that children and young people can study high school, language courses, technical and even university degrees. Its director, Marlon Magno, declared: “Since 2017 we have been giving scholarships in Colombia and today we join the Diomedes Foundation so that many young people benefit and can train to be closer to their dreams.”

Besides Joaquín ‘Juaco’ Guillénformer manager and close friend of Diomedes, was proud of the work done by the children of the ‘Cacique’because they are following in their father’s footsteps.

“Sometimes my friend He sent me to bring three million to give to people on the street., especially to the window washers and street dwellers. So imagine the happiness he would feel in heaven knowing that his children had already achieved 2,500 scholarships to give to children and young people”, he recounted with nostalgia.

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