Ernesto de Hannover and Claudia Stilianopoulos enjoy the Madrid terrace


If a few days ago we saw Ernesto from Hannover enjoying a family plan with his son Christian in the center of Madrid, today he was seen with his partner, Claudia Stilianopoulos on a restaurant terrace sharing confidences and making the most of this time sunny in the capital. Although on this occasion the couple enjoyed this getaway alone, the truth is Ernesto enjoys his role as grandfather whenever he can with the children of Christian de Hannover and Sassa de Osma with whom he shares much of his time in the city. Ernesto is now living one of the best times of his life after going through a particularly turbulent season, being sentenced to ten months of conditional prison by an Austrian court in 2021, which also prohibited him from drinking alcohol during that time and required him to temporarily abandon his current residence. in Austria, for insulting, threatening and attacking police officers and other people while intoxicated. Currently, Carolina de Monaco’s former husband lives happily and in love with Claudia, with whom he leads a life completely away from the media spotlight and with whom he has already been seen on many occasions enjoying this sweet time in Madrid. Images that reflect not only how in love he is but also the happiness he has found in Spain, where in addition to enjoying a quiet and practically ‘anonymous’ life, he has said goodbye (for the moment) to the controversies he has been involved in in the last years.

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