Gustavo Guillermo avoids talking about Edmundo Arrocet and his war against Terelu and Carmen Borrego

06/11/2023 Gustavo Guillermo in a recent image in ‘GH VIP’ EUROPE SPAIN SOCIEDAD TELECINCO.ES

Away from the spotlight since ‘Big Brother Vip’ ended, María Teresa Campos’ former faithful driver, Gustavo Guillermo, has reappeared accompanied by his girlfriend Ainhoa ​​at an event in the capital. And, as it could not be otherwise, he told us how his relationship with Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego is four months after the death of the legendary presenter, and what he thinks of the latest attacks that Edmundo Arrocet has launched against the daughters of who was his partner for six years. “I’m very happy, to be honest, and the only thing I want is to rest and enjoy my new life with my girlfriend,” he acknowledged, avoiding taking a position in this media war in which, however, he does ‘justify’ Bigote’s statements about Las Campos. : “I have had my ups and downs, I don’t want to talk about him, but if he doesn’t stop talking it’s because they ask him. And logically if you ask him it’s normal, if you don’t ask him he doesn’t talk” he defended. “I insist, when he speaks it is because they ask him, but what surprises me is that there is a camera where he goes, that is what surprises me,” he added, hinting that Edmundo would call the press to have a leading role and continue talking about the daughters. by Maria Teresa. “But if they don’t talk, I’m not going to be the one to talk about him,” he said, thus avoiding giving his opinion on what he thinks of the Chilean’s attitude. Regarding whether he continues to maintain a relationship with them after the death of the presenter, Gustavo reveals that he has more contact with Carmen, although he makes it clear that there is no problem with Terelu: “It’s not that I don’t talk, I don’t talk to Alejandra either. I talk more to Carmen , she calls or writes to me, but I really don’t have any problem with her, I don’t like it when they say that Terelu is alone because she isn’t. It’s one thing to be single, but she has her people, Alejandra who takes care of her, and it’s for me It’s hurtful when they say that about her,” she admits. “He will always have me, that is, the whole family, always,” he assures.

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