Morrissey canceled concert at the Palacio de los Deportes How to request a refund for tickets?

At the moment no new date has been announced, so it is considered a canceled event. (@speedway61)

Again the singer Morrissey cancels his concert again Sport’s palace that would take place next Saturday February 3 andn the enclosure located in the Mexico City although it should be noted that it is not something personal with our country since it was recently announced that he would not give a couple of concerts in the United States.

Every former vocalist of the band The Smiths announces a new tour through different nations and important venues, the rumors about whether this time he will give the concert or on the other hand, as is becoming a habit, you will decide to postpone it, until later cancel it (as it was in this case) and be classified as one of the musicians who most modify the dates of their tours.

Although very early on this Friday, January 26, rumors began that Morrissey would not appear in Mexicoit was until around 2:00 p.m. that Ocesaorganizer of the event, announced that the presentation of the interpreter of Let Me Kiss You It would not be carried out due to a personal problem of the singer Morrissey.

Morrisey was a member of the band The Smiths. (Gijsbert Hanekroot)

Given the cancellation of concert of Morrissey in it Sport’s palacedoubts began about how to request the reimbursement of tickets Well, at the moment it has not been rescheduled, therefore it is understood that he will no longer come to our country and as a consequence all those who had hopes that he would now be in front of him when he went on stage to give his musical show.

There are two ways of Receive the money that was used to purchase tickets for the concert of the interpreter of suedehead. The first of them is practically automatic because in case the purchase of tickets has been carried out through a Credit or debit card through the digital platform Ticketmasterthen will return the money automatically in the same bank account depending on the times that the same bank manages.

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