Ponsarnau demands “determination” against a “very physical” Zaragoza

Bilbao, Jan 26 (EFE).- Jaume Ponsarnau, coach of Surne Bilbao Basket, considers that one of the keys to having a chance of achieving victory against Casademont Zaragoza tomorrow, Saturday in Miribilla (6:00 p.m.) will be “playing with confidence and determination ” against an opponent who “tries to play very physical on the ball.”

“It is a very important game and we must be focused not on what we want to do but on what we have to do,” stressed the coach of the ‘men in black’ in the previous press conference, in which he did not announce the two discards. He will have to do among the 14 players he has at his disposal after the arrival of Keith Hornsby.

Ponsarnau was satisfied with the contribution of the American guard in his first days in Bilbao because “at the level of values ​​he is a good boy and a good professional” who assumes “very well and with a good mentality his integration process” into the group.

And at a sporting level he is a player “with the ability to assume responsibility” who “plays very well without the ball.” “That was a deficit we had, someone who plays well without the ball and has threats and can also have streaks of inspiration that give us a plus. In that sense it is positive and will be very good for us,” he stressed.

On the other hand, the Catalan revealed that, after the visit to Real Madrid last Sunday, he psyched the players up to face the two events this week together. First the European Championship on Wednesday in Germany in which, despite the defeat, they did “many things thinking about getting there well” to the match with Zaragoza.

“The message is that we want to win, but what we must focus on is what we have to do to win. What depends on us we have to do as best as possible. First, find our defensive values ​​and in attack, don’t stop if you don’t. we found the shot and played with determination and dynamism,” he stressed.

Ponsarnau, in addition, considers Miribilla’s support key for a match that assured that they do not face special motivation to remove the thorn of the painful defeat suffered in the first round in the Príncipe Felipe, a 77-63 after dominating by 17 points in the third quarter that marked “a turning point.”

“The most motivating thing is to identify the importance of the game and play it with our people. I am not interested in putting many more things on top and losing focus of the things we have to do. I try to keep the team motivated but also focused,” he added. EFE



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