PSE says that the agreement with EH Bildu in Vitoria is limited to the accounts and sees the possibility of being a “partner” as “far away”

05/24/2023 The candidate for Deputy General of Álava, Cristina González, speaks during a political event, in the pergola of the Plaza de Santa Bárbara, on May 24, 2023, in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava, Basque Country (Spain ). This is the first appearance of the president of Congress in the electoral campaign of Euskadi, where she has supported the candidates for the municipal and regional elections on May 28. POLITICS Iñaki Berasaluce – Europa Press

The general secretary of the PSE-EE in Álava, Cristina González, has stated that the agreement with EH Bildu for the budgets of the Vitoria City Council is limited to “one institution and a specific moment and topic” and the possibility of it being “far away” the sovereigntist coalition can be a “partner” of the socialists. Likewise, she has stressed that the PP “has also been able to agree” on the accounts and has a “disgust” when “things go ahead.” In an interview given to Radio Euskadi, collected by Europa Press, González stressed that the agreement reached by the municipal government of Vitoria, which is made up of PSE and PNV, with EH Bildu to carry out the project of accounts for this year 2024 is a ” good news” for all the citizens of Vitoria because “having budgets makes projects easier to carry out” and makes it possible to reinforce “positive” measures for the entire city. The leader of the PSE of Alava has appreciated that this pact has been reached “in these circumstances prior to regional elections that always cloud the environment for these agreements to a certain extent” and has stressed that “an important effort” has been made and in the end ” in extremis, but it has been achieved”. In the face of criticism from the PP for having agreed with EH Bildu, he stressed that “we are not the same” and “it doesn’t make much sense for them to say that” in the Popular Party because “they have also been able to agree on the budgets and, instead of asking issues that could be developed by the City Council, from the beginning they raised issues that were not municipal” powers. “If you put that as a red line when negotiating, you know perfectly well that you don’t want to negotiate,” she criticized. In her opinion, for the PP the “disgust” is that “Vitoria has budgets, because it is always against it.” As she has indicated, “everything made her believe that there might not be budgets and now she has the displeasure that she always has when things go ahead.” On the other hand, she recalled that the Government led by the socialist Maider Etxabarria has also reached agreements with the Popular Party in the constitution of public companies or in the development of the regulations for the scooter ordinance. In the case of the budgets, he reiterated, PP, like Elkarrekin, “have not wanted to negotiate” and EH Bildu “has had an attitude of reaching an agreement and the agreement has been reached”, although he does not consider the sovereigntist coalition “partner”. According to her, she specified, “partnership is when you form a government coalition” and, on the other hand, “the rest are agreements that are limited to an institution and a specific moment and a specific issue.” In any case, she has stressed that her party wants to “reach agreements with everyone”, both from the Government and when she is in the opposition. The deputy general deputy in Álava has also pointed out that in the case of the Alava Provincial Council, in which the PSE is integrated into the government led by Jeltzale Ramiro González, there were also “wicks” in the negotiation for a budget agreement but “the political force that had to decide whether to accept the pact or not decided not to.” Thus, she has regretted that “We can say no to an agreement that was very important and that had many requests” that had been requested in the negotiation “and it was other circumstances” that led her to reject it. Regarding EH Bildu, he has criticized that it proposed “proposals that were quite unaffordable”, with “a drop in collection of more than 36 million”, with which “we could not have made an expansive budget but quite the opposite” . PACT WITH PNV Asked if she expects EH Bildu to be able to ask for compensation after the Basque elections for the agreement in Vitoria, she indicated that EH Bildu “has made it very clear, in the words of its candidate, that he wants a pact with the Basque Nationalist Party, to govern the list with the most votes, and, of course, he has said that he would never make Eneko Andueza lehendakari. In any case, he has insisted that “there is still a long way to go in EH Bildu to be a coalition partner” for the PSE-EE, because “they divide many things, and of course all their behavior in condemning violence, terrorism , are fundamental when it comes to reaching agreements in a government coalition.” “They still have to work hard on that ethical ground to be able to have common ties, to be able to be partners,” said Cristina González, for whom “the government agreement is still far away.”

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