The Government assures that the CNI’s listening to Aragonès began before Sánchez arrived at the Moncloa

06/30/2022 The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, appears after his meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada, at the Moncloa Palace, on June 30, 2022, in Madrid (Spain). This meeting is part of the scheduled audiences of the President of the Spanish Executive with international leaders on the occasion of the NATO Summit held in Madrid. The 2022 NATO Summit ends today after two sessions. The celebration coincides with the 40th anniversary of Spain’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. POLITICS A. Pérez Meca – Europa Press

The Government has assured that the National Intelligence Center (CNI)’s eavesdropping on the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, using the ‘Pegasus’ software began before Pedro Sánchez arrived at the Moncloa and that they always had judicial authorization. Likewise, government sources have maintained that neither the CNI nor the Supreme Court have to inform the Government of these operations and that it was precisely Sánchez’s Executive who has decided to collaborate with justice and declassify this information at the request of a judge, ” always with the limit of national security”, the aforementioned sources have stressed. On the other hand, they have pointed out that this information demonstrates that “the rule of law now operates and acts with transparency.” “Nothing to do with the parallel police and the dirty war of the PP stage,” they have reproached. The Government has made this statement in relation to the information that became known this Thursday that the CNI investigated Aragonès because it believed that he was the one who directed the Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR) and that, for this reason, the ‘Pegasus’ software on your mobile. Sources consulted this Thursday by Europa Press have assured that the documents on the espionage of Aragonès that the Government partially declassified at the request of the judge are “full of deleted parts”, with entire pages crossed out, and that they want to study documentation. The same sources have considered that the CNI’s justification for tapping Aragonès’ phone is “outside of all reality” and that they are implausible inventions, they say verbatim. All this arises one day before the former director of the CNI Paz Esteban declares this Friday that she is being investigated for the complaint filed by Aragonès for the espionage case with ‘Pegasus’.

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