The new Now 12: what you need to know about Cuota Simple, the plan that the Government made official today to buy with a card

The first stage of Cuota Simple will begin on February 1 and end on May 31.

The Government defined the details of the new Simple Feethe consumption promotion plan that will replace Now 12 from next February 1st and which in this first stage will be valid until May 31, 2024. As detailed yesterday Infobaethe scheme will be financed in 3 and 6 installmentswith a rate equivalent to 85% of that which has as reference for fixed terms the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA).

Amid the impact of inflation and regulated price adjustments, the new official quota program seeks to boost the consumption of goods and services. The design was headed by the Undersecretary of Consumer Defense and Commercial Loyalty, Fernando Blanco Muíñounder the orbit of the Secretary of Commerce, Pablo Lavigne.

This week the Government made official the details of the new Simple Quota, which will begin to operate from February 1st and will be valid until May 31st. The initiative offers the possibility of financing consumption in 3 and 6 payments in fixed installments, with the lowest interest rate on the market.

Consumers will be able to access their purchases in installments within a universe that covers 30 categories of nationally manufactured products, with a Annual Nominal Rate (TNA) which represents 85% of the fixed term from the Central Bank (110% TNA). If this remains the case, the TNA will remain at 93.5 percent.

The Government presented the logo of the new Cuota Simple program.

The program will have national reach, it will be available every day of the week both in physical and virtual stores that are attached. The measure arises as a result of the shared work between the Central Bank, the banking institutions and the Commerce secretary“with the objective of promoting economic development, encouraging productive investment and the demand for goods and services through the granting of payment facilities in fixed installments.”

In total there are more than 30 items that will participate in the new program and among which consumers can choose: appliances, clothing, footwear and leather goods, 4G cell phones, furniture, bicycles, motorcycles, educational services, mattresses, books, glasses and contact lenses, bookstore items, toys and board games, technical services for electronics and household appliances, tires, accessories, CNG gas vehicle conversion kit, spare parts for automobiles and motorcycles, musical instruments, computers, notebooks, tablets, lighting fixtures, televisions, monitors, perfumery, small appliances , sports preparation services, medical equipment, machinery, tools, shows and cultural events, durable kitchen items and car and motorcycle repair services, among others.

In detail, consumers will be able to choose whether they want to finance their consumption in 3 or 6 fixed installments. To do this, they must have a bank credit card through which they must carry out their transactions, while they can do so in in-person and virtual stores participating in the program throughout the national territory.

In detail, consumers will be able to choose whether they want to finance their consumption in 3 or 6 fixed installments that will include interest. For this they will need to have a bank credit card through which they must carry out their transactions.

To make purchases in installments, consumers must have a bank credit card. (Illustrative image Infobae)

The financing terms chosen by Commerce have to do with the fact that in Now 12 those were the periods that accounted for 80% of the transactions. In any case, the old program had plans of 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 payments, with rates that were below those that will take effect next month.

The regulations clarify that marketing through Cuota Simple is not subject to companies’ subscription to other State programs. “With the objective of promoting the simplification of trade and the effectiveness of the policy to be implemented, it is pertinent to expressly establish that the Simple Quota Program may not be subject to the regulatory guidelines of another program of the Ministry of Economy,” the recitals of the decree underline. that made the Simple Quota official.

“Financing in installments is a tool highly valued by consumers and merchants because, in addition to boosting consumption, it represents a great incentive for the national industry and the generation of employment,” they maintained in Commerce.

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