They released the “narcosatanico” and alleged extortionist from La Unión Tepito

The homemade temple was found during an operation against drug dealing in the Morelos neighborhood. (X/@MrElDiablo8)

The “narcosatanico” and alleged extortionist from La Unión Tepito did not spend even three days in prison and they have already released him; The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJ-CDMX) ordered the release of Félix Tufino Montoya, the man who fell after a search in the Morelos neighborhood where they found several kilograms of drugs next to a satanic altar.

According to the National Registry of Detentions, Tufino Montoya was arrested on the afternoon of January 22 after an operation by the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) carried out at number 130 Granada Street in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

After his arrest, the SSC issued a statement to inform that 23 kilograms of a substance with characteristics similar to marijuana and three bags with a white powder similar to cocaine were also seized.

“The detainee apparently belongs to a criminal cell that generates violence, dedicated to the crimes of homicide, collection of property, kidnappings, extortion and drug sales, in the central area of ​​Mexico City,” highlighted the SSC.

Despite the seized drugs and the statement from the capital authorities, this Thursday the release of the “narcosatanic”, according to information released by journalist Carlos Jiménez.

Narcosatonic altar of La Unión Tepito

Two images stood out from the altar in Felix Tufino Montoya’s house: the image of the prince of darkness, about two meters high, wielding a trident and with a skull necklace hanging from his chest; The second was the figure of a Child God but in its satanic interpretation.

Candles, roses of different colors, masks and figures of different sizes of Satan sitting on a throne and standing with tridents completed the altar placed in the corner of one of the apartments in the Morelos neighborhood.

So far the authorities have not reported the reason why they released the alleged operator of “Paco Verrugas” and alleged owner of the altar that was widely disseminated on social networks.


According to information from the investigations carried out by the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office, Tufino Montoya would be a member of the La Unión Tepito faction under the command of “Paco Verrugas”, a criminal leader identified as responsible for the crimes of homicide, collection of rent, kidnappings, extortions and drug sale in the central area of ​​CDMX.

It is worth remembering that “Paco Verrugas”, identified under the name of Francisco Javier Mares, was arrested in October of last year while driving in a car on Eje 2 Norte, near the San Simón Tolnahuac neighborhood.

He is also known as “El Gordo” and is related to him as the most trusted man of José Mauricio, alias “El Tomate”, allegedly the leader of the group in charge of collecting extortions within La Unión Tepito.

Information in process…

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