They revealed unknown details of Georgina Rodríguez’s trips to Argentina to take care of her father

Georgina Rodríguez in Puerto Madero during one of her trips to Argentina to take care of her father (Instagram)

Georgina Rodriguez became one of the figures that generates the most attraction in the world from the day the romance with him began to be confirmed. Cristiano Ronaldo. The influencer never hid her life with the Portuguese since they began a relationship in 2016, but little was known about her previous history. The Spanish media began to investigate and interviewed a series of relatives who were critical of her actions. The one born in Buenos Aires decided to start a trial, which she lost in recent days and ended up opening the door to knowing more details about the inmates.

The partner of the Al-Nassr star, who resides in Saudi Arabia with her children Alana Martina and Bella Esmeralda, has tried to stop through the courts people who can give details of her intimate life, especially when she went through a difficult time. personal moment with the health of his father, Jorge Eduardo, who died in 2019 at the age of 70 in Buenos Aires after suffering a long convalescence due to the consequences of a cerebral infarction. Although the details of Georgina’s relationship with her father are not known, not even in the documentary that she herself starred in on the platform. Netflixsome unknown data were released.

The Spanish-Argentine influencer, who has more than 56 million followers on instagramwas very close to his father when he fell ill and, according to the Spanish newspaper The confidential through your site VanitatisCristiano’s wife He made several trips from Spain to Argentina to take care of him, as his sister Ivana told him. However, the testimony “It is far from what was reported by other members of his family, who pointed to a total disconnection from that part of his life”indicates the medium.

Other information that became known after Ivana’s statement at the trial states: “Both sisters moved to Argentina upon learning of their father’s serious state of health, although, due to the better working conditions of the declarantit was agreed between both that It would be Ivana who would remain in Argentina in the care of her father while a leave of absence was requested and, therefore, the complainant would return to Spain since she did not have an indefinite contract.” It must be remembered that at least one of those trips was captured in the instagram of Georgina at the beginning of 2019weeks before his father’s death.

Georgina Rodríguez wears a red dress at the Venice film festival (REUTERS/Yara Nardi)

In another part of the judicial document, a fact that was not known is revealed and that is that since her father was hospitalized, until the day of his death, Georgina was not contacted by either her grandmother or her maternal uncle, since neither had her number. phone number, which shows that the family had no relationship with her. “He is not ashamed of that part of the family, they simply had no relationship”, expresses the text, uncovering a little-known part of the life of Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner. “During her father’s hospitalization until his death, Georgina traveled to Argentina on several occasions, stressing that neither her grandmother nor her maternal uncle spoke with the plaintiff. because they did not have her mobile phone, they only had the declarant’s phone due to her father’s illness,” they say.

Another point about Georgina’s family life that emerges from the aforementioned testimony is about her relationship with her stepsister Patricia, who they claim “It’s not tight but it’s not bad either”. Ivana also recounted a time when Georgina offered to help Patricia financially, but she declined the offer: “One night, she receives a call from her stepsister asking for money, which she communicated to Georgina the next day. She, in front of the witness, called Patricia and offered to pay for a weekly purchase and school supplies for her stepsister’s son, who declined the offer ‘because he was only interested in cash,’” are the words that the witness replicates. Spanish media, according to the access he had to the file. The latter highlights a generous and close side of Georgina, although it has not been clarified by her at any time.

All of Ivana’s testimonies were known in Spain after the trial that Georgina carried out against the television company. Mediaset following some interviews on the programs Save me and Socialite to their relatives. The judges did not agree with the complainant and the European media assure that she will have to pay 400 thousand euros for the costs of the trial.

Although many thought she was Spanish, Rodríguez revealed in an interview in March 2018 that he was actually born in Argentina.. “My father is Argentine and my mother is from Murcia. They went to Buenos Aires with my sister Ivana (born in Palamós, Girona) so that she could meet my father’s family. They decided to stay there for a while and I was born.. My father tried to convince my mother to live in Argentina, but he didn’t succeed and, when I was one year old, we returned to Murcia. Then we moved to live in Jaca,” he told the publication at that time. XL Weekly.

Georgina went through another tough family moment in April 2022 when one of the twins they were expecting with Cristiano Ronaldo died. Both avoided referring to the press about that sad episode, beyond some posts on social networks, and the model born in Argentina expressed herself about the pain that has accompanied her since then for the first time in March 2023 in the documentary that premiered in Netflix.

“More than 40 million people follow me. But no one knows what I feel. This year I lived the best and the worst moment of my life in an instant… Life is hard. Life goes on. I have reasons to move forward and be strong,” she said. It should be remembered that the 29-year-old gave birth to Bella Esmeralda in that same birth. Her partner, Cristiano Ronaldo, was always at her side, who supported her from the first moment: “Cris encouraged me a lot to continue with my commitments. He said ‘Geo, get on with your life, it will do you good.’ Now my priority is my family and my children. “I am super happy and very grateful.”.

Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo have been together since 2016

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