Why will there be no light in Tulum on January 30? This is what the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) says

“Once I went out with someone who worked at CFE and when I ended the relationship he cut off my electricity” (Illustrative image – Getty)

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) announced that it will cut the power supply provided in Tulumpampering that will take place next Tuesday, January 30, although only for a few hours, so they also announced the time in which there will be no service so that people can make their predictions.

The CFE seeks to avoid long-term effects on some entities, which is why it is making improvements to its facilities and distribution means, allowing users to have a better service, although to do so it will have to stop the supply for a few hours or even days.

In recent days, the parastatal company detailed that the city of Tulum, in Quintana Roo, will suffer service disruptions, this during the day January 30, 2024, according to the information presented, the cut will only be for a few hours, calling on people to take precautions.

The cenergy supply It will take place from 06:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (local time of the entity), although the precise areas that will be affected were not announced. The reason for the temporary suspension of the service will be due to improvements and maintenance that the company will carry out on the entity’s electrical installations, avoiding future impacts that could be greater.

CFE reported a power outage in Tulum on Tuesday, January 30

It is important to remember that during the beginning of 2024, the CFE has made cuts in other areas of the state, the most recent was in one of the Subdivisions in Carmen beachwhich lasted seven hours, with the same purpose of carrying out maintenance work at its facilities.

It is expected that these impacts on the service will continue to occur during the following months, as the parastatal company maintains the entire network in the area, something that seeks to benefit one of the most important tourist areas in Mexico.

The CFE has a program of Comprehensive Systematic Savingswith which support is provided to its users so that they can renew their appliances, this with the aim that they can acquire new producers that allow them to save energy and have a benefit in their consumption.

This program provides financing that allows you to purchase these products at a lower price, charging payments directly to your receipt. If you are interested in the support of the CFE, you can enter the following link and learn more information about it, likewise, you can attend a Customer Service Center where they will give you more details on how to apply.

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