Yanapay, Food, Family Housing Bonus in 2024: is there a link to these bonuses?

Remember that these bonuses are no longer paid: Yanapay, Food and Family Universal. Don’t be fooled by a fake link. – Composition Credit Infobae/Edwin Montesinos/Andina

Peru is in recession, so many citizens find themselves increasingly making sure their money is enough for the month’s expenses. However, given the rise in prices of the basic family basket, about 1.7 million Lima residents are not enough to cover the price of this, as revealed in a recent report by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI).

Thus, it is understandable that citizens seek financial support which grants the Peruvian government, since this became common after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many of these supports are no longer in force; in some cases, information is also provided on bonuses that do not exist, and in others, sufficient coverage is not being given to make it known what subsidies yes they are being delivered.

Therefore, it is necessary to list which bonuses are no longer validwhich yes, with the objective, also, of preventing citizens from entering fraudulent links that may try to steal sensitive information.

State subsidies are intended to help vulnerable people. – Infobae/GEC Credit

Write them down! Month after month, citizens look for new bonuses for Peruviansespecially in this time of recession in Peru. Thus, some portals can be used not only to misinform them, but also to steal important information, including financial information, taking advantage of the needs of many people.

If you are one of those who are looking for it, know that The following economic supports are no longer valid in Peruor they do not exist:

Remember: the Yanapay Bonus is no longer being paid. – Composition Credit Infobae/Edwin Montesinos/Andina/MEF

Possibly, searches for these bonuses listed above continue to be a trend; However, the statements of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex Conteras, about these social bonds could clarify the picture. In October, Contreras highlighted The Republicwhich do not have contemplated “any bond additional focused measures such as those that occurred during the pandemic or until 2021″.

“We have given bonuses this year, but very limited. In emergency they have basically been bonds for housing rental and bonds to finance new housing, which I believe are within an adequate housing promotion policy,” he added.

  • Second artisanal fisherman bonus: 700 soles. More information in this link.
  • Lease Bonus or rain bonus: 500 soles. More information in this link.
  • Bonus for teachers: 380 soles. More information here.
  • Bonus to buy a new home from the Techo Propio program: 44 thousand soles. Here more information.
  • EsSalud breastfeeding bonus: 820 soles. Check the requirements here.
  • School bonus 2024: 400 soles. More information in this note.

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