Azurín Case: everything that is known about the alleged lack of respect by the Head of Security of Congress

Congressman Alfredo Azurín accuses the head of Parliament’s security for disrespecting him. Panamericana TV

Through a letter sent to president of the Ethics Commission, Diego Bazánhe Chief of Security of the Congress of the Republic, Nemecio Darío Hurtado, requested to initiate a summary investigation for a alleged offense committed against legislator Alfredo Azurín.

In the document you accessed Infobae Peru, The official describes the parliamentarian’s accusation as “slanderous and defamatory” and demands investigations into the case “in view of the complaint filed with the sole purpose of demanding my removal from office, ignoring that every person has the right to due process in defense of their honorability and prestige.”

The man takes advantage of his condition to use social networks, while I, as an aggrieved party, keep the subject confidential so as not to damage the image of Congress, hoping that your office can carry out a summary investigation to prevent other legislators who also do not know the details of the event, from advancing opinions based on information that they do not know. It is trustworthy. I make myself available to you for the consequent purposes and I request that all participating people be called to testify,” he stated in the letter.

Between the appointed to give testimony They are: the parliamentarian in question, the PNP general Javier Bueno, the assistant Julio del Pino Franco, a police security officer, the PNP commander (R) Máximo Vargas Hugo, the EP commander (R) Pedro Rejas Tataje, Javier Cazorla Camacho, Antonio Chávez Miranda, Víctor Chau Céspedes, Víctor Francis Olaguivel, Víctor Huaraca Cule, Pedro Quiñonez Seminario, Yuber Román Balbín, Walter Escudero Astete, Cesar Espichan Agurto, Juan Giglio Villacorta, Raúl Quispe Gonzales, the head of the Security Division of Congress Julio Ruesta Ramírez, PNP commander José Malca Calderón, second technical non-commissioned officer Gersón Méndez Ballena and advisor David Correa.

In the document he also mentioned that, during the incident, Congressman Azurín would have boasted of “having directly influenced to discharge PNP Colonel Alejandro Andonaire Hernández, with whom he previously had disagreements regarding the police service, thereby demonstrating the misuse of his political power.”

“Likewise, when he referred to PNP General Javier Bueno, he stated that he was previously his boss and now he was his advisor,” he added.

According to the official letter sent by the parliamentarian, “the worker Hurtado Cárdenas, in his capacity as head of Congressional Security, He questioned my clothing because he found me wearing a black polo shirt and a sports jacket over the polo shirt, despite the fact that I told him that I was coming from a medical appointment, mentioning that ‘I had never attended a meeting without a suit and tie even though I had a welt on my neck.’

Parliamentarian maintained that they disrespected him because of the way he was dressed. | Congress

In this sense, he requested the President of Congress, Alejandro Soto (Alliance for Progress), evaluate its permanence and thus avoid any abuse of authority.

I request that the permanence or availability of the head of Congressional Security be evaluatedalso taking into consideration the low acceptance it has among both civilian personnel and also the police officers who provide to Congress,” he added.

In response, the official provided another version. “I told him not to worry because we, those of Security, are men of the field.” and that in particular I did not usually wear a shirt and tie because ‘I got a rash on my neck’, in a colloquial way, so that the man would not feel uncomfortable,” he said.

Nor did they act with arrogance or lack of respect. between any of the participants. Therefore, the information provided in the reference letter contradicts the facts. I say this, Mr. President, because as a result of the reference letter, another Congressman has published a statement from the Somos Perú bench, indicating that Mr. Congressman Azurín had been discriminated against,” he expressed.

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