Balearic PP rejects the “attack on autonomy” by Sánchez and Díaz of wanting to recover the inheritance tax

04/21/2023 The Balearic PP campaign spokesperson, Sebastià Sagreras, at a press conference. BALEARIC ISLANDS SPAIN EUROPE POLITICS PALMA DE MALLORCA PP BALEARIC ISLANDS

The Balearic PP has warned this Friday of the “attack on autonomy” by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the second vice president, Susana Díaz, in reference to Sumar’s proposal to create a tax on inheritances. The spokesperson for the ‘popular’ in the Parliament, Sebastià Sagreras, has criticized the attempt to “dismantle the autonomy of the autonomous governments where they do not govern and invalidate the will of the citizens expressed at the polls on May 28.” Sagreras has assured that “they will be in front” to stop the offensive towards the Balearic Islands through a “centralist tax” on inheritances. “This tax is unfair by forcing us to pay for what our parents or grandparents have already paid all their lives,” he stressed. Thus, the PP has asked the President of the Government to desist from the “attack on the tax autonomy of the Balearic Islands” and announced that they will study political and legal formulas to combat this “Jacobin and centralist” measure.

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