Esparza announces that he will not run for re-election as leader of UPN: “The best thing is new leadership”

The president of UPN, Javier Esparza, announced this Friday that he will not run for reelection to the Presidency of the party. In the same way, the members of the current “full” management will not appear at the next UPN congress, which will be held, expectedly, at the end of April. “We believe that the best thing for UPN is a new leadership that provides other ways of seeing our game; a new team that assumes the responsibility of directing Navarra’s first game,” he explained. This was stated in his speech at the Political Council of the regionalist party, held this Friday afternoon at the Iruña Park Hotel in Pamplona and which addressed the call for the 13th UPN Congress. Esparza explained that it was a “meditated, reflective decision that we believe is best” for the party. “UPN comes first and above everything else.” “I have always believed that life is cycles” and eight years “is a good number to be in office” because “you can work, contribute things” and “develop a project,” he has said. Javier Esparza did not want to appeal to the search for a “consensus” candidacy. “I’m not going to choose anyone, we have to be all the members who choose the best team; what we have always done,” he stressed. “UPN belongs to the affiliates, here no one can believe in absolute possession of the truth” nor “think that it is irreplaceable,” defended the regionalist, who added that “I, as one more, will say what I think.” Esparza has said that unity and consensus are good, “but loyalty and support for the new leadership that emerges from this congress is just as important.” For this reason, he has called for “unity, consensus and loyalty.” Likewise, he has specified that he is not going to “give any fright.” “I am going to continue in politics actively, I am not going to abandon ship at a very complex moment,” he added, later ensuring that the new leadership of the party “will have my respect and total loyalty” and will be “at your service.” “. The president of UPN has admitted that it is a “very complex” but also “exciting” and “an enormous challenge” political moment. “UPN has to learn to be patient, there has to be no rush or urgency; fortunately nothing lasts forever and neither does this socialism,” he expressed. “We will have to fight it with all our strength because it will end up falling” and “nothing is going to make me happier than seeing UPN again in the Government of Navarra,” he added. In this regard, he has opined that “UPN’s leadership is the best thing that can happen to Navarra, because UPN’s management has always been honest, effective, it has put Navarra in the best indexes, we have defended the equality of all Navarrese ” and “we have been loyal to our regional regime and to Spain.” “We are going to continue working, it is the first day of a new journey for UPN” with a congress that elects a new leadership. “We are going to continue together hand in hand with UPN because UPN absolutely needs all of us,” he highlighted. After emotionally thanking different party colleagues throughout his political career, Javier Esparza has encouraged the militancy to “continue working.”

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