Fonavi 2024: previous payment lists will receive a refund in February

New Fonavi payment will be available from February 1. Check here who will collect this refund. – Credit Infobae/Paula Elizalde

After Thousands of Fonavistas will come to collect their partial refunds of the Fonavi to the National bank Last December 2023, another large group of former contributors warned that they were not on the list of beneficiaries of group 20, even though they had not received payment either.

But in conversation with Infobae Peru to Jorge Milla, member of the Ad Hoc Commission representing the National Federation Association of Fonavistas and Pensioners of Peru (Fenaf Peru), pointed out that these former affiliates who were part of previous lists, from 1 to 19and that were not included in the group 20 They will be able to collect a partial payment starting next Thursday, February 1.

“We had demanded that the people who had not been paid, despite being on previous lists, were also in the same condition. That is why this payment is being approved,” stated Milla.

These are the Fonavistas who will be able to access Fonavi in ​​2024. – Infobae Composition Credit/Paula Elizalde

A new partial return of contributions to National Housing Fund It will be resumed in February, and it will be for those who were precisely asking for it last December 2023 when the payment was approved for the list of group 20 of former members.

From next Thursday February 1 the fonavistas that were parts of the beneficiary lists from 1 to 19 and who did not collect the Fonavi payment at the time may collect a partial amount of what they contributed to the fund in the National bank.

Thus, it is expected that before Wednesday, January 31, the National bank can publish the new schedule according to DNI so that the fonavistas They can know when to collect these returns. “There are more than 71 thousand former exporters who could not collect, many of them deceased, and the relatives who did not have time to submit the documents proving their January condition, which will be available starting next week,” Milla revealed to Infobae Peru.

More Fonavista beneficiaries will receive payment in February 2024. Photo: Infobae/Andina

The Fonavi Technical Secretariat has informed that the consultation of the Certificate of Recognition of Contributions and Rights of Fonavista (Cerad) for all those beneficiaries who are included in Payment Group No. 20 of the National Register of Fonavistas of Peru. This can be consulted by entering the following link:

Likewise, the possibility is also available that the heirs can consult the return process that they have initiated before the National bank. As is known, there is a group of beneficiaries who collect the contributions that their family members made to the National Housing Fund at the time.

Thus, the debtors of contributors to the Payment Group No. 20 of the National Register of Fonavistas of Peru, you can consult your procedure by entering the identity document (DNI) of the holder in the following link:

The Banco de la Nación is expected to publish the new schedule soon. – Credit Infobae/Paula Elizalde

The option to register is now available again if you contributed to the Fonavi (or if a deceased relative contributed):

After this, follow these steps to fill out the form 1 virtually:

  • Personal information: basic data. First enter the type of document and its number. Supply surnames and full names, as requested by the page. Place the birthdate and sex, whether male or female. In a similar box they request the Current location.
  • You must also enter the personal telephone number and enter a current email address. When you finish the main box, you should go directly to the bottom box.
  • At that point, supply the employment history. And it is recommended to be careful with the dates. Enter the type of registration, private number, company name and the start and end date.
  • At the end, you can add additional data requested by the structure, the withdrawal status, the date of ONPthe SNP connection date and AFP.

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