Israel and Hamas engage in intense fighting in Khan Younis in the last few hours

01/18/2024 GAZA, Jan. 18, 2024 — Smoke rises following an Israeli airstrike in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis, on Jan. 18, 2024. The Palestinian death toll from the ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip has risen to 24,620, the Gaza-based Health Ministry said on Thursday. POLITICS Europa Press/Contact/Yasser Qudih

The Israeli Army and Hamas militias have been engaged in intense fighting during the last few hours in the town of Khan Younis, in the south of the Gaza Strip, where according to the Israeli military eleven Islamist operatives have died while the official Palestinian news agency Wafa, for its part, reports at least 28 deaths in Israeli bombings on residential areas. The fighting takes place due to the advance of the 98th division of the Commando Brigade, which the Army says began with an airstrike that killed three Hamas militiamen before Daglan commando units assaulted several Hamas positions in the area. locality, including a weapons depot, while the Egoz commando and the Givati ​​brigade eliminated seven militiamen who were attacking a tank with self-propelled grenades. Another Hamas militiaman died during another airstrike in the town when, according to the Israeli Army, he was setting up “an observation post” from which to order an attack against Israeli soldiers. Wafa, for its part, adds to the 28 dead in Khan Yunis two other civilians killed by an Israeli attack in Geneina, east of Rafá, in the south of the Strip and against the neighborhoods of Sabra and Zaitun, in Gaza City, which have also resulted in a still undetermined number of fatalities. Deir al Balá, in the center of the Strip, and the Nuseirat refugee camp have also been hit. The number of Palestinians killed as a result of the military offensive launched by Israel against the Gaza Strip after the attacks carried out on October 7 by the Islamic Resistance Movement exceeded the barrier of 26,000 on Friday, as confirmed by the Gazan authorities, controlled by the Palestinian Islamist group. The Israeli Army launched its offensive against Gaza after the Hamas attacks, which left nearly 1,200 dead and about 240 kidnapped, according to reports published by the Israeli authorities. Separately, more than 360 Palestinians have been killed in security force operations and attacks by settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem since October 7.

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