Martín Elías Jr. surprised by singing a song by Diomedes Díaz live

Martín Elías JR announced the return of ‘Martinism’ – credit @martineliasjr/Instagram

Martín Elías Jr. brought tears to his uncle Elder Dayán with a live performance of the song My godson, by Diomedes Díaz. The son of the ‘great Martín Elías’ demonstrated his caste on stage and earned the admiration of the attendees, who assured that he sings just like his grandfather, the ‘Cacique de La Junta’.

The young 15-year-old singer thanked his uncle for his support, who allowed him to share the stage in the middle of one of his concerts in Bogotá, where he continues to add followers to the Diaz dynasty.

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Martín Elías Jr. was only nine years old when a tragic car accident took away his father, the ‘great Martín Elías’, who died on April 14, 2017, on a road near Sincelejo.

Currently, the young artist who inherited the taste and talent of his father and grandfather, He is supported artistically by his uncle, also the vallenato singer Elder Dayán, who has been in charge of promoting his career by taking him on tour and allowing them to share the stage in some of his concerts.

Martin Elías Jr conquered singing like Diomedes Díaz – credit @martineliasjr/Instagram

In the video that Martín shared on his official account instagramin which he has more than one million followers and in which he shares content about his life and musical career, you can see how Elder Dayán cannot hold back his tears at the talent and attitude of his nephew in front of the public. The vallenato artist, who burst into tears, stood aside to dry his tears while he applauded both the welcome from the audience and the charisma of the son of the ‘great Martín Elías’.

“Everything is step by step, I am enjoying the process and very happy with the progress, thank you Uncle Elder Dayán for always being there and to all my people, I love you. ‘Martinism’ is back, I promise you,” the young artist wrote, assuring that he would be in charge of keeping alive the wave of followers left by his father, from whom he inherited the talent.

Martín Elías Jr. has been building a promising musical career in the vallenato genre, the same one that brought his father and grandfather, the ‘Cacique of La Junta’, to fame, he committed to carrying his father’s legacy on his shoulders.

The young singer has not only the support of his audience, who closely follows his steps and beginnings in music, but also has the privilege of being sponsored by the greats of the genre, such as Silvestre Dangond, who recently surprised him with a tremendous gift after turning 15.

The urumitero congratulated the grandson of the Cacique de la Junta for his musical evolution – martineliasjr – sylvadangond/ Instagram

Silvestre surprised Martín with a van that promoted his most recent musical work titled It’s bad and with which Valledupar, the capital of the genre, was taken.

On the other hand, Martín Elías recently left his followers speechless after announcing that he is expecting a daughter. The young man wrote on his social networks that he would now have to work twice as hard, but that he was willing to do it, because in life there were things that happened unexpectedly and could not be controlled. “To what is done chest, There are things that get out of hand. Still, I’m happy.”

In this way, Martín repeats the story of his father, the ‘great Martín Elías’, who also became a father at an early age.

The young artist is earning admiration with his musical potential, as he has received very good comments on social networks:

“There goes my chicken nojoda, Give it a hard time that you are the son of a great man, the grandson of the greatest and no one can erase that, furthermore no one is born knowing, discipline, effort and enjoying it, this is a journey where there are ups, stagnations, downs, glories and sorrows but you enjoy it , deaf ear to bad comments and even more deaf to good comments,” wrote the content creator and former MasterChef participant Juanda Caribe.

“Blessed, as I have always told you, the most beautiful thing is the process, that you fall in love with each step, each challenge, and celebrate each goal achieved, Thank God for allowing me to accompany you and may your essence always be light “In every person who listens to you, I love you,” wrote her mother Camila Varón.

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