Ranking of banks in Colombia: it was revealed which ones exceeded losses and which closed with a deficit in 2023

Ranking of banks in Colombia: some overcame losses – credit Financial Superintendency of Colombia

According to a recent report issued by the Financial Superintendency of Colombia (SFC) corresponding to November 2023, Bancolombia is positioned as the banking entity with the highest profits within the Colombian financial system.

Despite presenting a decrease of 11.95%, the bank managed to accumulate profits for a total of $5.2 billion, which marks a substantial difference compared to the $5.9 billion obtained in the same period of 2022.

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The analysis provided by the SFC also highlights the performance of other major financial institutions in the country. Banco de Bogotá ranked second with profits of 1 billion, experiencing a significant drop of 66.19% compared to the $3 billion reported in 2022.

For its part, Bank of the West and Davivienda remained on the list, posting profits of $352,544 million and $42,124 million, respectively, both reflecting proportionately large declines in their annual revenues. Meanwhile, Finandina showed an increase in profits of 40.41%, reporting $14,849 million.

Banco Davivienda and Bank of the West reported a reduction in their profits according to the SFC – credit Luisa González/Reuters

At the other end of the spectrum, some entities faced greater financial challenges. Banco Popular recorded the highest negative balance of the group, with losses of $358,507 million, contrasting sharply with the profits of $102,519 million in the previous comparable period.

Banco Av Villas and Lulo Bank were close behind, with losses of $118,633 million and $89,100 million respectively, marking increases in their annual deficits. Mibanco and Bancamía SA were also affected, reporting red numbers on their financial statements.

This report from the Financial Superintendence of Colombia shed a light on the dynamic and sometimes volatile financial landscape of Colombia, reflecting both the successes and challenges faced by banking institutions in a changing context. As the financial system continues to adapt to new economic conditions, these results provide a valuable indicator of the financial health, profitability and resilience of banks in Colombia.

In November 2023, the Financial Superintendence of Colombia revealed that seven of the ten foreign capital banks in Colombia registered profits. Citibank stands out with profits that exceed $720,945 million, which represents an increase of more than 100% compared to the previous year. In contrast, Scotiabank Colpatria faced the greatest losses, reporting red numbers of 336,463 million pesos.

Reports indicate that, after Citibank, Bbva Colombia and Banco JP Morgan also showed significant results, although the latter presented a decrease in its profits. On the other hand, Banco GNB Sudameris and BTG Pactual Colombia experienced considerable improvements compared to the previous year.

At the opposite extreme, Banco Falabella and Banco Pichincha accompanied Scotiabank Colpatria in the segment of entities with the greatest losses.

Banco Falabella was one of the foreign banks with a presence in Colombia that obtained the greatest losses as of November 2023 – credit: Infobae/LaTercera composition

As far as national financial corporations are concerned, Corficolombiana led with gains, although it experienced a significant drop from 2022. Bancolombia Investment Bank and Davivienda Financial Corporation presented significant deficits. Likewise, BNP Paribas achieved a slight increase in its profits.

Besides, The Agrarian Bank of Colombia, the only national public entity in this report, showed a decrease in its profits compared to the previous year.

This analysis of financial behavior offers an overview of the foreign and corporate banking sector in Colombia, highlighting both significant achievements and challenges in terms of profitability and economic performance during the penultimate month of 2023.

The data presented provides a valuable understanding of the dynamics of the Colombian financial market and its interaction with international capital entities, as well as the impact of various economic conditions and business strategies on the financial results of banks and corporations in the country.

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