Robin Wright’s transformation, much more than Sean Penn’s ex or Forrest Gump’s Jenny

Robin Wright in September 2023, at New York Fashion Week (Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

In the select group of iconic women, accepted by the majority of women, vindicated for what they say and do, is Robin Wright. “I have never been happier in my life than I am now,” he said in a recent interview, on the verge of 58 years old. The actress long ago stopped being “Sean Penn’s ex” or “the Jenny of Forrest Gump”, to become one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry.

Tracing Wright’s family origins, no one could have imagined that the daughter of a pharmaceutical executive and a home-based cosmetics saleswoman would pursue a career in film and television. Since she was a child she was blessed with the power of beauty. The positive thing was that at the age of 14 she got a job as a model and the negative – as she herself said – was that at the age of 15 she was already taking acid on the streets of Tokyo.. She returned with $50,000 in her pocket and shows in Paris, Rome and Milan. It was a time where she suffered the deepest loneliness. She “She was very young and she was very scared.”

Robin Wright became known for her role in the series Santa Barbara

At 19, her modeling jobs dwindled and she decided to accept a job as a waitress on a cruise ship, but they called her to star in the series. Saint Barbara. It ran for 538 episodes. While she was recording she met her first love in fiction and her first husband in real life, the actor Dane Witherspoon. They said “yes, I want” in 1986 and “bye” in 1988.

From the small screen he went to the big screen in The engaged princess, where he won the casting Meg Ryan and Courteney Cox. Although she became a poster child for thousands of teenagers, her character seemed ingenuous and forgettable to her; she was just a princess who did nothing but allow herself to be kidnapped and rescued. Different roles followed in different films but two marked her life. one was Forrest Gump, where he played Jenny, the protagonist’s girlfriend, in one of her most unforgettable roles. The other was coup de gracewhere she met her future husband, Sean Penn.

Robin Wright and Sean Penn met while filming Tiro de Gracia

When the ethereal woman met the man with the life-worn face, the chemistry was unstoppable. He was the king of the bad boys at a time when being a bad boy was frowned upon. According to what they say about her, Cupid fell in love with her when he invited her to her suite and opened the door wearing a safari hat, a cowboy pendant, a jockstrap and riding boots.

The couple’s passion and fertility soon became evident. After three years of being together they already had two children.. Wright became pregnant with her first daughter, Dylan Frances, and then with Hopper Jack. The baby’s pregnancy prevented her from being Marianin Robin Hood with Kevin Costner. Because of the baby, she gave up co-starring with Tom Cruise, No Exit and Batman Forever. Forrest Gump He found her in full lactation, but accepted.

With Tom Hanks, as the unforgettable Jenny in Forrest Gump

By this time it was said that Wright had managed to quiet Penn’s demons and he was dominating his career. “I grew up very quickly as a girl, but very slowly as a woman. “Sean and I were learning as we went, we agreed to never both work at the same time to spend time with our children,” reflects the Uppers site. “He made more money than me at the time, so the decision was simple: He worked, I stayed with the children”.

Whether by own decision or by stereotype of others, The truth is that while he was Robin Wright-Penn, his artistic possibilities stagnated. The roles she was offered were only devoted wives, women who had to be ‘rescued’ or who played the role of silent witnesses. Fed up, refused to star Jurassic Park and Sabrina because she considered that they only called her because of her physical appearance. Perhaps that is why, when Penn won his second Oscar, he dedicated it to him with these accurate words: “The Hollywood Academy and I have something in common. We have not valued Robin Wright as he deserves”.

With comings and goings, fights and reconciliations, Wright and Penn They were together until 2007 when they announced their divorce.. They reconciled to definitively separate in 2010 after 15 years of marriage and 20 together. “The divorce was devastating,” she would confess. “We all want to feel loved, and when I look back, I don’t feel like I ever experienced that,” Penn would reply.

Robin Wright and Sean Penn were together for 20 years and had two children 162

Far from staying crying in the corners, Wright He began to live a time of artistic splendor thanks to his participation in the series House of Cards. As Claire Underwood He gained notoriety and recognition for his talent that until then seemed elusive. In the first chapters, Kevin Spacey He was the undisputed protagonist, but the actress imposed herself by presence and managed to gain more and more prominence.

Convinced of her worth, she was one of the first actresses to sit down to negotiate and demand to earn the same as her partner -500 thousand dollars per episode. When the producers replied no, she, with the cunning of Claire, He warned them: “You better pay me or I will make it public,” according to the version he published. The Huffington Post. “And they did.”

In 2013, at 47, he found the perfect alchemy between fame and prestige and doing what he wanted when and how he wanted. Therefore, when she won the Golden Globe by House of Cards, referred to herself as “a late bloomer.” “I feel like I’ve finally graduated,” she explained, “I never went to college, which is one of my biggest regrets, and I got pregnant at 23. I was a baby myself at the time. I couldn’t have my moment to ask myself who I am, to examine myself and explore. I heard the others say ‘I’m here’ and I kept waiting to get out. Do House of Cards “It opened a door that I didn’t know about and has helped me enter adult life, as if I started to be a woman at 40. It took me a long time but now I finally feel like a person, I feel like I’m ready.”

Robin Wright (AFP)

Wright showed her worth not only as an actress; She suggested accurate lines of dialogue in the scripts, she also directed several chapters and became involved as executive producer of the series. But she undoubtedly became the favorite person of the entire cast and crew when Spacey was fired after being accused of sexual abuse and She convinced Netflix not to cancel the series and film a final season.. “We couldn’t leave 2,500 people without work. It’s not fair. They had not done anything wrong, they have worked very hard and I, as executive producer, felt responsible.”

Committed not only to her work, she is a supportive woman who uses fame as an instrument and not as an end. She is the spokesperson for Gordie Foundationan organization young people addicted to alcohol and the association for the fight against myasthenia gravis (a neuromuscular disease). Integra Enough Projectan entity that works for combat genocide and sexual violence in Africa. In 2014 she launched Pour Les Femmes, a pajama brand that donates a large part of its turnover to organizations that support Congolese women experiencing situations of violence. In an interview with the magazine vanity fairassured that this strength he possesses comes from, among other things, because every day, since he was 16 years old, he practices 15 minutes of meditation.

Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in House of Cards

There is also time for love. After divorcing Sean Penn, She began dating fellow actor Ben Foster, 14 years younger than her. Entering that time where menopause scares, she openly stated that she was living a very intense intellectual and sexual relationship: “Maybe it is not very ladylike to say this, but I have never laughed more, I have read more and I have cummed more.” than with Ben.” The chemistry lasted until 2015, when they broke up.

After the breakup, he began an affair with Clement Giraudet, a French press officer for the house of Yves Saint Laurent. “It feels good to find some happiness in my love life. The fact that my husband is French is like the icing on the cake. He has always amazed me with everything that France can represent. “I must have been French in another life!”, she declared her love in the magazine Closer. They secretly married in 2018 but the news came to light because Dylan, her daughter, uploaded a video of that moment to her networks. Last year they separated due to diffuse “irreconcilable differences.”.

With her last husband, Clément Giraudet (Grosby)

Splendid, He admitted that he does yoga, pole dancinghorse riding and Zumba to keep your figure slim and toned. According to her, it is essential to find activities that keep the body moving but that are also fun and enjoyable to maintain it over time. “Zumba is the best invention for women,” she told the newspaper. The Telegraph.

Wright is also one of the few celebrities who admits that, underneath her impressive looks, she wears girdles and body shapers. “I have a sash on. Always! I have to wear them at all times!,” she revealed. She also admitted that she does Botox. “It’s just a little bit, twice a year. I think most women do 10 units, but that freezes your face and you can’t move it afterwards. This is just one unit and they distribute it to you to refresh you.” And although she did not achieve the fame of colleagues of her time as Julia Roberts either Sandra BullockWright is very happy with what he has achieved. And he repeats it like a mantra: “If you are happy, if you feel good, then nothing else matters.”

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