Scoop! Borja Thyssen flees from the press after his mother’s surprising statements about his legacy

11/14/2023 Borja Thyssen EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY

Baroness Thyssen has given an interview to ‘Espejo Público’ in which, more sincere than ever, she has spoken, among other topics, of her admiration for King Juan Carlos, of the love stories that have marked her life, or of Putin’s offer to name her “queen of Saint Petersburg” if she moved her painting collection to Russia. But if something has caught the attention of the extensive talk he has had with the program presented by Susanna Griso at his residence in Andorra, it is undoubtedly his statements revealing that he has changed his will on numerous occasions – pointing out that if he has done so it is because of the changes in regulations in the countries where her properties are distributed, and not for reasons of a personal nature – and that she has already decided who will continue her legacy when she is no longer here. And far from what one might expect, it will not be his son Borja Thyssen who will take charge of the management of his multimillion-dollar artistic heritage, but rather a woman whose name he has not revealed at the moment, although everything indicates that she is one of his twins, Carmen, who will come of age in June and begin her studies in Business Administration and Management and International Relations. A surprising decision by the Baroness on which Borja does not want to comment. Blanca Cuesta’s husband reappeared this Friday in an exclusive jewelry store on Madrid’s Golden Mile and, upon seeing the cameras, he ran away and called a taxi to avoid the questions, leaving it up in the air if he had seen his mother’s interview and what do you think that his sister Carmen is going to be the custodian of the Thyssen legacy.

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