Sémper believes that the fact that EH Bildu is the “reference Basque party” in Madrid has the PNV “disoriented”

01/01/1980 The national spokesperson of the PP, Borja Sémper, addresses the media before participating in the round table ‘A vanguard generation’ of the II Gregorio Ordóñez School, at the Hotel Costa Vasca, on January 26 2024, in San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, Basque Country (Spain). The II Gregorio Ordóñez School has as its motto ‘The unstoppable force’, in tribute to the legacy of Gregorio Ordóñez, who was a Spanish politician from the Popular Party, murdered by ETA when he was a deputy of the Basque Parliament and deputy mayor of the San Sebastián City Council. Unanue POLITICS – Europa Press

The national spokesperson of the PP, Borja Sémper, reflected this Friday on the fact that EH Bildu “has conditioned and has taken the measure of both the PNV and the PSOE”, so that at the moment it is a “reference party in Madrid” , instead of the PNV, something that, in his opinion, has the Jeltzale party “disoriented” and that also “affects the expectations of the PSOE.” In statements to the media in San Sebastián, where the New Generations of the Basque PP have held the second edition of the Gregorio Ordóñez School, Sémper, asked journalists about the latest agreements between PSOE and EH Bildu in Pamplona and Vitoria and the disposition expressed by the sovereigntist coalition to agree with PNV, has stated that, in his opinion, “EH Bildu has taken the measure perfectly, both for the Socialist Party of Euskadi and the Basque Nationalist Party.” Furthermore, he has opined that the PNV “is absolutely and deeply disoriented” and “its decisions in recent weeks support this.” To this he added that the PSOE “has no voice, on the one hand because it governs with the PNV, and on the other, because the threat of Bildu also, electorally, affects the PSOE.” Thus he has stressed that EH Bildu “has conditions” and “has taken the measure, both to the PNV and the PSOE, and this reaches Madrid as well.” In this sense, he stressed that “there is also a phenomenon that is very relevant and that I think that here in Euskadi you see it more closely, and that is that it has always been very important in Euskadi who was the Basque party of reference in Madrid.” In this regard, he has stated that, in his opinion, “the big political change is that the reference party in Madrid today is EH Bildu and not the PNV.” “It is a reference party for the government,” he has maintained in reference to the formation of the nationalist left. For Sémper, “this also affects the expectations of the PSOE.” In this scenario, he has reflected on the fact that “the alternative in Euskadi also opens spaces for the PP, for an alternative to this dynamic and this position.” On the other hand, asked about the Amnesty Law that Congress will vote on Tuesday, Sémper has indicated that his party faces this fact “with the same perplexity and concern with which we have been attending and facing the debates that we have seen in recent weeks and in recent months in Spain”. “UNDER THE BLOW OF DEMANDS” The leader of the PP recalled that “what we are facing is a Law that has been modified and amended over the last few weeks due to demands by a person who lives outside of Spain”, in allusion to Carles Puigdemont. Thus he has considered that “the debate is absolutely conditioned and mediated by the will and demands” of the Catalan politician. Likewise, he has stated that this is a Law that aims to “benefit, alleviate, a criminal threat on those who are also drafting the Law.” For all this, he has expressed the feeling that “today in Spain in politics nothing is a scandal, because everything is.” “Unfortunately, on Tuesday we are going to see in Congress a new chapter that will not be the last, of a scenario and a political dialectic and a political dynamic that makes and turns Spanish politics into anything but edifying,” he concluded.

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