The German Police assure that they arrested ‘El Pastilla’ during a robbery at the Leipzig station

01/25/2024 El Pastilla arrested POLITICS NATIONAL POLICE

German security forces located Yusef ML, alias ‘El Pastilla’, during a robbery at Leipzig station, as reported this Friday by the German Federal Police, which has confirmed that it was able to verify his identity by comparing fingerprints. ‘El Pastilla’, who escaped from the Alcalá-Meco penitentiary center (Madrid) in December, was not carrying any identification document when he was arrested, around 4:15 p.m. on Thursday. He has already appeared this Friday before a district court in Leipzig, waiting for the extradition requested by Spain to be resolved. As reported this Friday by the Spanish Police, the investigators followed an initial lead with their French colleagues regarding the possibility that he was in Montpellier, until later finding information that placed ‘El Pastilla’ in Cologne, where he had found shelter by a family. Specifically, a person similar to the fugitive was seen by a closed-circuit television camera in the vicinity of the home, but there was no certainty about his identity. After carrying out facial comparison checks against ABIS with the General Scientific Police Station-Physionomic Group, positive verification was obtained that it was the fugitive who escaped from Alcalá-Meco. For this reason, the fugitive counterparts in Germany were requested to pay maximum attention to the possible movements of this person and his surroundings, establishing an alert regarding him, which led to his arrest on Thursday afternoon in the vicinity of the German station in Leipzig. .

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