The parties close the debate on TVG for day 5: Rueda opens and concludes it and will have three thematic blocks

01/22/2024 From left to right: candidates Alfonso Rueda (PP), Ana Pontón (BNG), José Ramón Gómez Besteiro (PSdeG), Marta Lois (Sumar) and Isabel Faraldo (Vamos). SPAIN EUROPE GALICIA AUTONOMIES POLITICS

Representatives of PPdeG, BNG, PSdeG, Podemos and Sumar, groups invited to participate on Monday, February 5 in the debate organized by the Radio and Television Corporation of Galicia (CRTVG), met this Friday afternoon at the headquarters of the public entity in San Marcos (Santiago) to address the details of what, for now, is the only contest between candidates that will take place in the face of the regional elections on February 18. It will start at 9:30 p.m. and the PPdeG candidate for re-election as president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, will be in charge of both opening and closing a debate that will maintain the three thematic blocks that the CRTVG itself reported on Monday. , without variation. Specifically, they will be the following: a first on economic and budgetary policies, which will mainly talk about employment, industry and ecological transition; a second on social policies and financing of well-being, which includes education, health, equality and language; and a third about the institutional model to talk about pacts, governance and the voice of Galicia in the State. The debate will not have an opening minute, but will start directly in the first block with Rueda’s intervention. It has been the three formations with representation in Parliament (PPdeG, BNG and PSdeG) that have chosen, in order of greatest to least representation, which blocs they want to open and close. The same criteria, without drawing lots, have been followed to choose the lectern that each candidate will occupy. However, the order of the final or ‘golden’ minute is set from lowest to highest: Isabel Faraldo (Vamos), Marta Lois (Sumar), José Ramón Gómez Besteiro (PSdeG), Ana Pontón (BNG) and Alfonso Rueda (PPdeG ). Sources from opposition groups consulted by Europa Press have conveyed their complaints about this meeting, which was “disappointing” and “procedural”, since “nothing could be negotiated.” At the moment, this five-way debate on Galician Television is the only one that is closed between the candidates. Spanish Radio Television (RTVE) delivered this Friday its coverage plan for 18F, which maintains its offer of a three-way debate between the parliamentary forces, to which for now only Pontón and Besteiro have confirmed their attendance. VOX APPEAL This same Friday, Vox has presented its appeal to the Central Electoral Board against the 18F coverage plan presented by the CRTVG, requesting that it be considered for both the debate and the information blocks under the same conditions as Podemos and Add. Their main legal arguments, according to the document to which Europa Press has had access, is that they suffer “differentiating and exclusive treatment” that violates the equal treatment and political pluralism established in the Constitution and the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime. Vox explains that Sumar and Podemos, which are included in the coverage plan, do not have representation in the Galician Parliament either. These two coalitions, however, do have the status of “significant political group” for having exceeded 5% in the general elections of July 2023, while Vox remained at 4.7%.

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