This year we will remember the Holocaust in a different way

Between 1933 and 1945, during the Nazi regime in Germany, the world experienced a period of unprecedented destruction and persecution (Photo: National Archives and Records Administration)

The Argentine Forum Against Antisemitism issued a request for the International Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, where they showed their concern about the terrorist group Hamas, which invaded Israel on October 7.

Below is the complete request:

Like every January 27, today we commemorate the International Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, in memory of that day 79 years ago when Soviet troops found the Jews of the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp. But this is not a January 27 like everyone else. The ominous reminiscence of the Shoah is more powerful than ever since, on October 7, the terrorist group Hamas entered southern Israel and murdered more than 1,200 people, the largest number of Jews murdered in one day since the Nazi genocide.

Today anti-Semitism is expressed with a power that we have not seen in decades, both in Argentina and throughout the world. Phrases such as “from the river to the sea”, which invoke the disappearance of the State of Israel, are uttered in university, political, media and social networks without any type of social cost. Israel is threatened and, therefore, so are Jews living in the diaspora.

Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.

But the world didn’t change just for Israel and the Jews on October 7. It also changed for those of us who believe in Western values, for those of us who defend the importance of the life of each individual, for those of us who believe in freedom and plurality as the values ​​with which we have to organize ourselves socially, for those of us who trust in democracy. as the only acceptable political form.

The last time there was such a strong wave of anti-Semitism, the world was silent. The consequence was Auschwitz. Let’s not let it happen again. Let us raise our voices together against terrorism and in defense of freedom.

Abadi, Valeria; Acuña, Soledad; Ajmechet, Sabrina; Alonso, Laura; Álvarez, Vanesa; Andahazi, Federico; Avruj, Alejandro; Avruj, Claudio; Banfi, Karina; Baum, Ezekiel; Bazán, Osvaldo; Bekerman, Diego; Bertol, Paula; Burman, Daniel; Caucino, Mariano; Charosky, Hernán; Cheja, Veronica; Cohen Arest, Diana; D’Esposito, Leonardo; Di Tella, Carolina; Elman, Hernán; Erlich, Bernardo; Espert, José Luis; Fargosi, Alejandro; Feinmann, Eduardo; Ferraro, Maximiliano; Finocchiaro, Alejandro; Fitz Patrick, Mariel; Frieder, Kurt; Garcés, Gonzalo; Goano, Ignacio; Hacker, Daniela; Hirschbrand, Jorge; Holzman, Patricia; Honisch, Paula; Kohan, Willy; Kosacoff, Tamara; Kovadloff, Santiago; Kupferminc, Mirta; Lanata, Jorge; Landívar, Facundo; Lazarus, Paul; Lena, Gabriela; Lerer, Daniel; Leuco, Alfredo; Levinas, Gabriel; Levy, Alberto; Lombardi, Hernán; López Göttig, Ricardo; Lucca, Nicholas; Malewicz, Pamela; Mandelbaum, Fanny; Manguel, Romina; Manusovich, Patricia; Markdorf, Romina Maya, Brian; Mellincovksy, AlejaNdro; Mendelevich, Pablo; Mercado, Silvia Morris, John; Moscovich, Adrián; Nabel, Valentin; Nemirovsky, Daniela; Novak, Pablo; Novaresio, Luis; Ortelli, Ignacio; Ossona, Jorge; Ossona, Agustina; Papic, Diego; Pitashny, Alejandro; Plager, Silvia Puig, Lilia; Dear, Leandro; Quetglas, Fabio; Ricagno, Fabiana; Roitberg, Gastón; Romero, Ana Clara; Sabsay, Daniel; Santa Cruz, Daniel; Schamis, Hector; Schapire, Alejo; Schvindlerman, Julián; Shalom, Ioni; Shapira, Valeria; Sigal, Jorge; Silberstein, Ezequiel; Sinay, Sergio; Sotolano, María; Sperling, Diana; Spillman, Ezekiel; Stilman, Mariana; Stolbizer, Margarita; Tabany, Sebastian; Taubaso, Damián; Trotta Gamus, Elisa; Turovelzky, Dario; Viale, Jonathan; Wajnrot, Mauritius; Wang, Diana; Winokur, Pablo; Wiñazki, Miguel; Wolff, Waldo; Yanco, Guillermo; Yeza, Martin; Zablotsky, Edgardo; Ziblat, Gabriel Zuchovicki, Claudio; Zuvic, Mariana.

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