Aless Gibaja assures that Alejandra Rubio “is studying a lot” to become an actress


Always at the side of her friend Alejandra Rubio, Aless Gibaja has become one of the fundamental pillars of the Campos clan because she has known how to be in the worst moments that they have experienced in recent years. A few days ago we were talking to him and we asked him about the acting career that his friend Alejandra is pursuing and… the truth is that he is clear about it: “I think her future is more in series and movies than in television. She knows, she has a lot of talent and of course she also does very well on television, but I think her future will be more in cinema and movies.” Regarding the latest videos in which the young woman appears singing, which have attracted attention on social networks, the influencer joked before our cameras that “she is the new Aitana, Alejandra is another one who has to be called by a director, she is studying a lot, every day she goes to school, she gives her all, she rehearses, I have seen many videos, I am sure that Alejandra will be in a series or a movie from now on, I am 100% sure.” For his part, Aless surprised us because he confessed that he also wants to make his debut as an actor and took advantage of our cameras to make an appeal: “they haven’t called me yet, a long time ago I made a small cameo in a film with Fernando Esteso, they have to call me more Los Javis or someone, I’m waiting.”

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