An afternoon at the beach ended in tragedy: a minor was swept away by the sea in Cartagena

The event occurred in the Marbella sector, in Cartagena, around 10:00 am, on Saturday, January 27 – credit Mayor’s Office of Cartagena

On Saturday, January 27, 2024, in the morning, a group of teenagers enjoyed a soccer game on Marbella beach, in Cartagena, from 10:00 am Witnesses in the area indicated that the number of young participants ranged from 8 and 10, who were playing near the well-known Las Letras area.

According to witness accounts, after noon the group of people decided to take a bath in the waters of Marbella beach, so a member of the lifeguard group indicated to them through signs that they would not go so far from the beach. area allowed for swimming. There were even repetitive calls with the warning whistle.

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But the worst came later, according to The universalthe group of young people shouted for help, because the current was dragging them. The rescuers entered desperately and managed to save five of the six people who were at risk. Everyone was taken to safety, however, everything changed when they realized that Alexander David Barragán, 16, was not among those rescued.

There was concern and crying for the five companions, after the minor had not been saved. Rescuers confirmed that one of the rescued people was the aunt of Alexander David, the oldest person in the group.

In accordance with Vanguardfrom the moment the disappearance of the minor was reported, the Colombian Navy continues to carry out a sweep trying to find the missing young man.

Lifeguards rescued five of the six people who were being dragged by the sea alive. There is a missing 16-year-old minor, the search continues – credit Mayor’s Office of Cartagena

Currents are a very common natural phenomenon on the beaches of Cartagena. They are movements of water that flow from the shore to offshore areas. They are usually located at certain points on a beach, but they have the disadvantage that they are not always fixed, but can vary in space and time.

The dangerous thing about currents is that they can have significant force., making them especially dangerous for bathers who are swept out to sea. When a bather sees that he is moving away from the shore, his reaction is based on swimming against the current in the direction of the shore, barely managing to move forward due to the force of the current, which ends up causing exhaustion and possible misfortune, according to Protection details. Civil Cartagena.

Currents are usually of two types:

  • Return: They move perpendicular to the shore and towards the sea.
  • Lateral: The water current moves parallel to the shore of the beach and usually flows into a return current.

The local entity highlights what a person should do when they are swept away by the sea current:

  • Above all, stay calm and not lose control.
  • Never swim against the current towards the shore.
  • If a person is tired, it is advisable not to swim, they should simply try to stay afloat.
  • Ask the lifeguards for help by raising your hand or making some kind of signal. Probably, if someone is in a current, they have already noticed and will be attentive to the situation. And if not, the same current upon reaching the head or dispersion zone will free the person.
  • If there is some ability to swim, the way to get out of a current is to swim perpendicular to it, that is, laterally to the beach.
  • But, above all. If you see a red flag, do not go into the water and follow the advice of rescue and lifeguard personnel.
Demarcated area on Cartagena beach by the force of the sea current – Cartagena Civil Protection credit

In The Heroic Currents are usually common on the Mediterranean beaches of La Manga (Galúa, Sirenas, Zeus and Entremares), on the beaches of Calblanque and sporadically, when there is a strong wind and, therefore, a lot of waves, on the beach of San Ginés (La Azohia).

On beaches where the presence of currents is common, They will be marked with a Red Flag and an information signright next to it, about the presence of currents.

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