De Andrés (PP) denounces that the amnesty law represents “a reduction in equality and democratic quality”

01/28/2024 Delegation of the Basque PP at the demonstration this Sunday in Madrid POLITICS SPAIN EUROPE BASQUE COUNTRY PP

The president of the Basque PP, Javier de Andrés, warned this Sunday that the amnesty law represents “a reduction in equality and democratic quality.” De Andrés has led the delegation of the Basque Popular Party that has taken part in the rally in in favor of “a strong Spain, the equality of all Spaniards and against the amnesty”, called by the Popular Party in Madrid. At the meeting, De Andrés was accompanied by the general secretary of the Basque PP, Esther Martínez, and the presidents of the PP of Bizkaia, Álava and Gipuzkoa, Raquel González, Iñaki Oyarzabal and Muriel Larrea, among other positions, members and supporters. “We want equality because what the Amnesty law does is deprive us of justice. Justice is deprived by giving impunity to some politicians. It is a decrease in freedom, equality and, above all, democratic quality” , has censored. As he has warned, equality “cannot be subjected to the interests of some politicians because it suits them.” “It is a loss of equality in the face of which we have to express our complete rejection,” he stressed. For all these reasons, the leader of the Basque Popular Party has also considered it necessary to “go out into the streets” to denounce the situation. “We want equality, we do not want there to be privileges for politicians. We are being deprived of freedom, equality and democratic quality is being undermined by giving impunity to a group of politicians,” he lamented.

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