Felipe Calderón attacks Epigmenio Ibarra for stealing from Mexico; “I am honored,” he responds.

Felipe Calderón sends a strong message to Epigmenio Ibarra (Photo: Twitter/FelipeCalderon)

Felipe Calderon Hinojosaformer president of Mexico and supporter of the National Action Party (BREAD), attracted the attention of users on social networks throughout this Saturday, January 27, because on the social network Latinus where the Mexican journalist and producer is accused Epigmenio Ibarra of not having covered the loan made to him by the Government of Mexico headed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and which amounts to 150 million pesos.

The former president, who must be mentioned, has been severely criticized by the current federal administration, both for having declared war on organized crime and for having had as Secretary of Public Security Genaro García Lunawho is currently detained and was even found guilty in the United States for the crime of drug traffickingwas quickly placed in the main search parameters especially due to the response that the communicator gave him.

According to the investigation presented by the journalist Carlos Loret de MolaIbarra has been one of the most privileged by the government of the tobacco leader because after receiving a loan for 150 million pesos, the producer had only covered 20 percent of it.

Such accusation led the former president to attack the journalist whom he accused of having stolen from Mexico, specifically, if he had kept the money that belongs to the Mexicans and which he assured, he would not return at the end of 2024 as he had said. had promised.

“They have forgiven him a million-dollar debt, in addition to taxes that he does not pay. He has only dedicated himself to making series idealizing drug traffickers and the government, especially ysq (sic),” he wrote.

The former president of Mexico accused the journalist of not paying the loan that Bancomext gave him Credit: X @FelipeCalderon

Epigmenio Ibarra in March 2022 premiered the audiovisual material titled A work of the People which addresses the construction of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) which is part of the three great works that López Obrador promised throughout his six-year term and which replaced the New Mexico City International Airport (NAICM) that would take place in Lake Texcoco.

Having written in your message the letters “ysq”, the PAN member refers to the founder of the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) with which he divided opinions among Internet users who did not hesitate to respond to his position against the journalist.

“The thief giving his opinion”; “Never again will we allow the rats of the corrupt PRIAN to return”; “You act like you never ruled the country. I’m sure you were really screwed and you no longer remember the mess and the robbery you did. And what you remember, some pedophile father forgave you for confessing” or “It reminds me of a certain drunk. Ah goat…, if it’s you2, were some of the comments that the former president received.

The president’s response was not well received by users on social networks (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

After the message that the former president published on social networks, the Mexican journalist and producer, Epigmenio Ibarra, did not want to send a message to the PAN member, to whom he assured that it honored him to know that he was mentioned by him especially since it was the person responsible for having stole the presidency in 2006 and even recalled his relationship with García Luna, who was accused of guaranteeing security to both organized crime leaders and entire cartels during Calderón’s administration.

“I am honored that Felipe Calderón, the man who stole the presidency, who betrayed the country and by orders of Washington imposed war on us, the accomplice of García Luna, the genocidaire; He joins the slander campaign against me. I will not let him go until I pay for his crimes,” he wrote.

The journalist accused Calderón of having stolen the presidency Credit: X @epigmenioibarra

Despite the journalist’s response addressed to the former president, he has not responded and has only focused on retweeting the investigation described above where he is accused of having received such an amount of money from the Government of Mexico, which has also not given Know your position.

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