How was Universitario vs Mannucci in Trujillo on date 1 of the Liga 1 Apertura Tournament 2024

Universitario vs Mannucci: match by date 1 of the League 1 Apertura Tournament – Credit: Professional League.

Universitario beat Carlos Mannucci 4-0 at the Mansiche Stadium in Trujillo for the first date of the 2024 Liga 1 Apertura Tournament. Good presentation by the ‘cream’ team, which had no problems winning away from home against the team led by Franco Navarro.

MIN 76: GOOOOOAL for Universitario! After a serious mistake by goalkeeper Manuel Heredia, Horacio Calcaterra scored the fourth goal for the ‘creams’ in the city of Trujillo.

The midfielder took advantage of a mistake by goalkeeper Manuel Heredia to make it 4-0 in Trujillo. (Video: GOLPERU)

MIN 67: GOOOOOAL for Universitario! Amazing goal from Andy Polo, who attacked on the right side of the field and took a powerful shot that went into Carlos Mannucci’s corner.

Tremendous definition from the ‘cream’ midfielder for the third against the Trujillos. (Video: GOLPERU)

MIN 39: GOOOOOAL for Universitario! After a great pass from Jairo Concha, Edison Flores hung up on goalkeeper Manuel Heredia and sealed the partial 2-0 against Carlos Mannucci. Tremendous definition of ‘Ears’.

The popular ‘Orejas’ put the second of the ‘creams’ in the city of Trujillo. (Video: GOLPERU)

MIN 05: GOOOOOAL for Universitario! Diego Dorregaray scored via penalty. It is the Argentine striker’s first goal. That happened after a foul against Edison Flores in Carlos Mannucci’s area.

The Argentine forward opened the scoring against Carlos Mannucci in the Apertura Tournament. (Video: GOLPERU)

Carlos Mannucci: Heredia Cossio, Cortave, Rizzo, Gaona; Benítez, Míguez, Vidales, Albarracín; Polite, Succar.

Sports University: Britos; Corzo, Riveros, Di Benedetto, Polo; Cabanillas, Ureña, Pérez Guedes, Concha; Flores, Dorregaray.

For its part, the current Peruvian soccer champion has just faced a fairly rigorous preseason having played a series of friendlies. Although so far he has not been able to achieve a victory, the idea of ​​the game that the coach is trying to propose is clear. Fabian Bustos.

Let us remember that first, it was measured against Cesar Vallejo by ‘Poet Night’then traveled to Miami to compete in the ‘Duel of Champions’ versus National Athletic from Colombia and finally, on their presentation night, they received Coquimbo Unidos from Chile at the Monumental stadium.

If we talk about the new additions, there are six who arrived at the club ‘Meringue’ this season to reinforce it in the year of its centenary: Sebastián Britos, Segundo Portocarrero, Christofer Gonzales, Jairo ConchaChristopher Olivares and Diego Dorregaray.

While the painting ‘Carlist’ prior to his debut in the Apertura Tournament, also held preparation matches such as the matches against Alianza Atlético and Comerciantes Unidos. One fact to take into account is that coach Franco Navarro and his technical team would already have in mind the starting eleven where the presence of players such as Manuel Heredia, Pablo Míguez, Jhonny Vidales, Percy Liza and Matías Succar would stand out.

Movistar TV confirmed that it will broadcast the match between Universitario and Carlos Mannucci for date 1 of the Apertura Tournament. Let us remember that GOLPERU (14 and 714 HD) has the exclusive rights to three teams in the Peruvian championship, including those from the ‘Trujillo’ team, which is why the 90 minutes of this duel will be broadcast on the channel in question.

It should be noted that the content will also be available on the virtual platform Movistar Play. For its part, Infobae Peru It will have all the incidents of the important commitment, including the previous one, the minute by minute, the best plays, goals, statements by the protagonists and much more.

Since Carlos Mannucci promoted to League 1 in 2019, both teams have faced each other up to 10 times. If we talk about numbers, Universitario registers four wins, the last being at the end of June 2023.

Jorge Fossati’s team beat the Trujillo team 3-0 in Ate for League 1. (Video: GOLPERU).

This result was repeated in October 2022 with goals from Hernán Novick, Piero Guzmán and Piero Quispe. However, the team led by Franco Navarro today is not far behind and has celebrated victory on three occasions. Let us remember that the last celebration was at the end of February 2023.

It was that day when Matías Succar He became the star of the day after scoring a double. Another victory by the same difference occurred in 2021, when the Trujillo team managed to win 3-1 at the Miguel Grau stadium in Callao, when due to the pandemic, no team had a home stadium.

After facing date 1 of the Apertura, academic will have its first home game of the season when it is its turn to receive Atlético Grau from Piura. This match will take place next Saturday February 3 starting at 8:00 p.m. in Peru at the Monumental de Ate stadium. On the other hand, the Trujillo team will visit Trade Union on the same day but starting at 3:30 p.m. and in the facilities of the IPD stadium in Moyobamba.

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