Isabelle Junot assures that there is no marital crisis between Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva


The Presyler family is once again in the media spotlight after an alleged argument between Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva was published in a well-known restaurant in the center of Madrid and also because of Ana Boyer’s pregnancy, which is being quite an adventure for Isabel Preysler. This Friday we met Isabelle Junot and we did not hesitate to ask her if it is true that Tamara and Íñigo are going through what would be her first marital crisis and she confessed to us that “I see them as great, really.” She also told us about Ana Boyer’s pregnancy and she acted lazy when we told her that it was going to be a boy: “Maybe I knew it, I just don’t know, I’m in trouble,” an infallible tactic to avoid screwing up. the cameras in case the sex of the baby has not yet been revealed. As for what her husband Álvaro Falcó’s first Christmas has been like without her mother Marta Chávarri, she assured us that they have been complicated: “Well, you can imagine it.” Despite this, she explained that the birth of her daughter, Philippa, has helped her a lot: “Together, yes, yes, yes.” Finally, Isabel also spoke to us about her father, Philippe Junot, with whom she was at Christmas and with whom she had a “very good time, truly happy with him, I have a great time when I can spend time with him, I love him.” I get a lot out of it.”

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