Sandra Cuevas’ reaction to her workers who hit a pedestrian | VIDEO

Sandra Cuevas justified the attack against a citizen in Reforma Photo: Cuartoscuro

The mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas Nievesgenerated controversy again after a video went viral last Thursday in which he is seen stopping in one of the side lanes of Paseo de la Reformawhen he was driving his RZR vehicle, to point out a man who was walking his pet on the median and order his workers to hit him.

A day after the video went viral, the mayor argued that her workers beat the man because he was a Morena sympathizer and followed her along the avenue to verbally attack her and make obscene signs, which she considered a threat. to his physical integrity.

Cuevas Nieves indicated that for this reason she pointed him out, shouting: “Be careful, because here comes a crazy man,” which caused the three workers who were accompanying her to get out of the RZR vehicle and begin to hit the man identified as Roberto Noricumbo.

However, the victim also shared a video in which she stated that she had approached the mayor to greet her while she was walking with her dog, a black French poodle, assuring that she was not even going to say any criticism.

After the controversy, the public official broke the silence Credit:

Shortly after the mayor justified the attack, a new video was shared on social networks in which Sandra Cuevas is seen not only calmly watching how her workers hit the pedestrian, but she is even heard cheering them on.

In the new video, recorded with a cell phone from a corner, you can see how the mayor uses the horn of her RZR vehicle to shout: “Come on guys,” among other words that cannot be distinguished in the audio recording.

Subsequently, Sandra Cuevas gets out of the vehicle and walks along the median towards her workers and the attacked man.

In a new video you can see the mayors cheering on their workers Credit: Twitter @AnaJVillagran

Yesterday, Roberto Noricumbo reported that he had already reported the mayor and three of her workers to the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City for the crime of abuse of authority.

This is not the first time that Sandra Cuevas is accused of physical assault, since in March 2022 she was suspended from her position and linked to proceedings for the crimes of heist, authority abuse and discrimination, against four elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) assigned to the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

A few weeks after the investigation against her began, a judge determined that the mayor could continue to hold office as long as she repaired the damage caused by the robbery, offered a public apology to the police officers and attended anger management therapy.

The attack on a passer-by was reported through social networks Credit: X @tomaspliegoc

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